Choosing the right university for you

Hi guys, as some of you viewers who have read my other blog will know, I am hoping to go to university in September having finished my final year at college this spring.

Here in the UK, we are expected to know what we want to do and where we want to be very early on in sixth form college- and this is often not the case!

I know just how stressful it can be trying to decide which university and which course is right for you so should you be in this position right now, I’d like you to know that there are some criteria that you need to think about when deciding which university is right for you.

  1. League tables: they will give you an idea of the competition between different universities and allow you an insight into top performing schools in the country.
  2. Subject league tables: it pays to know which universities have the best results in regards to the course that you are thinking of studying.
  3. Course overviews: If you do not check the modules available to you before going to university then you may miss out on modules and topics you really want to study. Different universities have different modules available so the exact same subject can give you a VERY different experience across different universities depending on the modules you can study.
  4. Entry requirements: This is important because you often have to pay a fee to apply to universities so you absolutely cannot waste an application on a university who is going to look at your predicted grades which don’t match up to their entry requirements and instantly reject you. Have an ambitious university choice, then universities with conditions you know you can meet and then one ‘insurance’ university with lower entry requirements than you expect to reach, just in case something goes wrong during exam period.
  5. Where is your university? Do you want an ‘all on campus’ university or a large university that you have to travel to from a separate campus. Do you want to live in a city or a countryside? Do you want to live close to nightlife in the town or somewhere more peaceful? Do you want to live near home or do you want to move away from home?
  6. Employment opportunities: It pays to know what employment is available to you during your studies because the majority of loans only cover basic needs and most of us WILL need a paying job for nights out or those new jeans you want! It’s also very important how graduates from that university do AFTER studies- its important that your university can help as much as possible with you being successful after university (c’mon you didn’t pay all that money for nothin’!)

One more final point I’d like to make, is that it really is a good idea for you to go and see your potential universities before or during application. There was one particular university that I thought I absolutely was going to go to but when I went to visit it, something just didn’t feel right and it wasn’t the place for me. I’d never have known that had I not visited it and I could have been really unhappy there.

I also went to visit a university to rule it out but when I got there I loved it so much that it is where I intend to go in September!

Finally, a personal word from me: Good luck with your application process, don’t put it off! Study hard, if you want it work for it, if you work for it you’ll get it!

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