Christmas at Lush; Mini Haul


Hello my lovelies,

The time has come. A few weeks ago, the Christmas stock arrived in Lush stores everywhere and, with great Christmas spirit and enthusiasm, I treated myself to a few!

On the left we have the ‘Father Christmas’ bath bomb with a little Santa face on it! This one is probably my favourite of the three featured above because of the cute face and the scent. It’s my favourite Lush smell- it smells very similar to the bubblegum lip scrub. It’s just delicious!

The bath bomb in the centre is, quite clearly, the most colourful and busiest of the three. It’s called the ‘Luxury Lush Pud’ and, as you can see, is pink, white, blue, green and yellow, with a little bit of holly on top! It fizzes around the bath dying it all sorts of funky colours and contains scents of lavender, similar to the Twilight bomb. I will say, however, that the smell is quite overwhelming as it seems to be a combination of gingerbread, lavender and all sorts. As it is incredibly strong, I wouldn’t recommend it to sensitive noses but I couldn’t resist the colours!

The little ‘Melting Snowman’ is the sweetest little thing. This won’t fizzle or froth as it is just a bath melt which smells like Christmas spices and contains almond oil and cocoa butter to soften and nourish your skin. My little snowman has lost his nose but you get the gist. This is one I shall use to unwind and moisturise my skin, (if I can bring myself to melt the little fella).

This is a tiny proportion of the Christmas products and fails to adequately showcase them but I strongly suggest that you go into a Lush store ASAP and make the most out of the festive fizzers.

Hannah x


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