Christmas at University


I realise I may be a little late with this post but I know a lot of people who don’t get to go home for Christmas yet because of university commitments and/or their part-time jobs. (Shout out to Sophie, who is slaving her life away right up to the big day and even over New Year! I will be thinking of you and definitely think that we should drink for every day that you work over the next week when we see each other at the NYE party!)

B4QNI7EIYAEEH1aI thought that I would perhaps give you some ideas and inspiration on how to make student housing look festive using minimal space and, of course, a student budget. Buy a medium sized fake tree. You don’t really want a real tree because it will die and make mess and nobody has time for that. Our tree had to be squeezed behind the sofa and next to the coffee table/TV stand and would have been hidden in a normal stand but fear not, if your tree needs to be elevated to be seen then try cutting the top off a traffic cone. Here’s one I made earlier! (Every student has a stolen traffic cone and if you don’t then you need to re-evaluate your student experience). With 5 minutes and a massive bread knife, the top of the cone comes off and- waste not, want not- you can use it on top of the tree instead of an angel!

IMG_0369We decorated our tree with old decorations that our family didn’t want. (Mainly my family as we redecorate the entire house frequently). If every one of your housemates borrows a few different things then you can decorate an entire tree for nothing! A few more special touches included candle holders on the coffee table, a mooning santa (who isn’t photographed here), a parachuting snowman and a decorative gold plate, cladded with festive wreaths and topped off with a cinnamon and red apple scented candle to ensure that we can smell christmas as well! I, personally, have always found tinsel to be rather offensive BUT, each to their own, it might be an option for you. Fairy lights also tend to make everything more festive and cosy so they’re a good investment.

FullSizeRenderIn terms of bedrooms, my lovely mother (who is well aware how much I love Christmas), bought me the most beautiful festive bed spread! It made my uni room much cosier and homely so keep an eye out for festive sheets too!

Don’t let work steal your Christmas! Hannah x


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