Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree!


Hello lovelies,

I was definitely not supposed to purchase a tree this year. Some of you may know that my mother donated a rather old and battered Christmas tree to my student house last year and we stuck it in a traffic cone stand and decorated it with old fashioned baubles that have been in the family for decades and it was just the right amount of festive spirit injected into our home but definitely cheap and old enough that I wouldn’t be upset if it got ruined.

This year, we no longer have that tree as my parents threw it away in their move to their new house. We considered getting a real tree or a fake one, for that matter, but decided that we couldn’t be bothered, especially as half of the house are going home soon to their own family trees.

I vowed to save my money with the promise of a real tree next year which will be my first Christmas in my new house. However, that is a whole year away and since I am extremely lacking in Christmas spirit this year, I thought a tree might help me become a happy little elf again.


Adam and I went halves on the cheapest but nicest looking tree we could find. (details will be below in the STP!)

So, the evening of the 5th of December was devoted to dressing our beautiful tree!

It’s pretty beautiful and I definitely feel more festive now. I wanted a tree that was affordable enough for this year but nice enough to reuse in the second bedroom of the new place because trees are too expensive to be throwing them away.


I went with a gold and copper theme with a hint of purple just because I am loving all of those colours anyway right now but also because I have never been a fan of colourful Christmas trees. I hate pinks and reds and blues and greens on trees, I just find it a bit tacky so I stuck with the family tradition of golds and naturals.

I am in love with how it turned out. I am not sure how long it will survive with the kittens batting the baubles around but I feel better and can finally look forward to Christmas.

Before I get into the STP details, I just really want to say how pleased I am with the baubles I bought this year. They are beautiful to look at, fantastic quality and a brilliant bargain- I got this 81 piece set for £10!!! I think that is incredible given that singular baubles are £4 a pop!


Shop this post:

Christmas tree : John Lewis // £32-£40 \\ link

Lights : Next // £18 \\ link

Baubles : Next // £10 \\ link


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