The City Alternative to The Fireplace

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder. Thousands of Londoners, and other city goers, are coming home from their commutes with skin stinging, dreaming of coming home to an open fire. Unfortunately, there is a housing crisis, don’t you know? We live in a modern apartment, with heaters. They do their job, of course, but nothing beats a fireplace. Try to capture the same feeling with these alternatives.





If you’re just looking for the focal point of the room, which the fireplace often is, then fill the absence with flowers. This is a great option for those living in a period property where the old fireplace has been removed but the space remains. Place fairy lights around the mantelpiece and fill the empty space with decorative pieces. Ornaments, flowers and candles are all scenic options! Place a shaggy rug (faux fur, of course) in front of it for some texture and to create a great place to sit.


Fireplace alternative



If it’s the flickering cosy vibe that you’re missing because you don’t have a fireplace, achieve it in other measures. I have collected a lot of candles over the years and I have brought them together on our coffee table, between us and the television. We have also made use of pillar candles, at different heights, and this simple but beautiful lantern from Copenhagen. This fireplace alternative still gives us all the cosy vibes of a fireplace and it also provides a great amount of heat from the warming of the metal and glass lantern. A great way to warm your home without using up too much leccy! A win win!


Bring on the cold this winter because we’ve got the winter warmer, and the hygge factor, even in the city where the housing can be challenging! Show us your alternative fireplaces!



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