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I love London. I love the grand white buildings, I love the shiny shop window displays, I love the heat in the summer time and I love the city purified under a beautiful blanket of snow. The city doesn’t change seasonally… and neither does the pollution. So I need to get city smart.

We all know that the sun can age us and studies suggest that pollution can too. Considering I come from the countryside and have always been baby faced, it didn’t concern me until now. I may have lived in London for three years without even knowing that pollution was harmful for my skin as well as my lungs but fortunately, even if I didn’t, Elizabeth Arden got city smart!


Prevage City Smart looks like a light foundation and is a genius serum that protects you from the city in three ways: firstly, with 50SPF it protects your skin from sun, it forms a protective layer over your skin to protect you from pollution particles and harmful toxins and, obviously, its moisturising.

While other anti-ageing serums tell you that they can reduce wrinkles, the Prevage City Smart serum aims to prevent ageing right from the start so I recommend all city gals get on board!

The packaging is really practical and super travel friendly which is amazing because hello city weekend breaks! The pump has a neat little cap to make sure there are no accidents. I pump one and a half pumps onto the back of my hand and smooth it over my face before I put my make up on. The texture is like a thick moisturiser and the colour like a medium foundation that easily blends into the skin without colouring. It sits beautifully all day and my skin looks bright and moisturised so no complaints so far!

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