Clarins Stop Blemish Control Review


Hello lovelies,

I realise that it has been a long while since I have done anything beauty or fashion related. This is mostly down to the fact that I’m not really spending money lately, I’m just focusing on friends, uni work, freelance work and the occasional outing. I’ve not been checking up on the latest ‘must-haves’ or trends, I’ve just been mixing up my wardrobe and re-discovering outgoing pieces, forgotten about in my wardrobe, and saving money for a car.

I have, however, had this product since Christmas, as it was a gift from my nan, and as much as I have wanted to give it a try and review it, I’ve not had the skin for it. I actually have really good skin, in that I hardly ever break out and the only problematic characteristic of my skin is it’s tendency to be a tad dry and dehydrated so I mostly invest in moisturising products and never have skin oily enough to create spots.

The last week has been stressful (as I write this but when I upload this it’ll be in the past). I think that might be why my skin has broken out a tad. My house, due to floods and plumbing disasters has also been really damp and, to be honest, dirty because of the flooded water etc so that has probably contributed to my spots. Anyway, it’s the perfect time to try out this product.

With some research (as I did not seek out this product myself), I can see that it aims to be an ‘on the go’ spot treatment, under or on top of make up. It contains witch hazel, white nettle and wintergreen, all aiming to reduce spots, presumably by drying them out. It’s £20 for two 5ml roll on pen type things, of which you keep one at home and one in your handbag.

This product is, as I said, aimed at oily type skin which is the opposite of mine but I feel like because you only apply the treatment to the spot and not the surrounding area, I don’t think that is an issue. Having two bottles so you can take one out is a really good concept and I wish more products provided mini-me’s for your handbags along with the large standard item!

My first impression is good, the treatment doesn’t sting which is what I sometimes find happening with these things. My only criticism at this point is the roll on applicator, as I think this will probably spread bacteria of spots more than it will clear them up which is obviously a hindrance not a help so, although one can choose to apply the liquid to a q-tip before the face, I think the actual product applicator itself should be addressed. I will update this post tomorrow with the results and final verdict before publishing…

So I’ve been using this for a few days…it works by drying out the spot which I can confirm because it does leave a little dry patch behind but it’s a good product, I like it. I’m not sure it has worked as well around my chin- the spots there are dry but still very much there so it might work long-term, but for now this is all I can say.

I would recommend picking this product up if you do have problem skin or regularly require some help with blemishes but for people with normal to dry type skin, I would say that there’s no big need to invest in this with plenty of cheaper options on the market- that being said, if you have a £20 to spare then go for it.

Hannah x


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