Clinique Moisture Surge (Extended Thirst Relief) Review



Hello lovelies,

I love this moisturiser so much-this is my third pot of the stuff.

First of all, Clinique products are all dermatologically tested and therefore miracles to my sensitive skin. Whether you have dry skin, normal skin or are even trying to look after sensitive skin after an allergic reaction, you don’t need to worry with Clinique. The products are always high quality and gentle.

The texture of this moisturiser is what makes it so different to others in my collection. It’s more like a gel than a cream which I think works better because it feels like a protective layer of moisture. It smoothes across the face easily and is absorbed really quickly without looking oily so if you wanted to wear this under make up you don’t need to worry about shine or anything. It absorbs straight away.

To wear with make up, it is advised that you use it minimally and tap it onto your skin or you can use this product as a sleep mask instead, generously overnight.  Either works wonderfully.

The cream doesn’t really have a scent to it, it just smells clean and simple. There doesn’t seem to be any added fragrances which only makes it more suitable for dry or sensitive skin.

The packaging is lovely, it’s a very simple pot, easy to store and easy to take as much or as little product as you’d like. I prefer pots to pumps because then you can choose how much you want and don’t waste any in the pump. The product is reasonably long lasting anyway, for me a pot lasts about 6 months so a little goes a long way.

It’s just a really good product, moisturising to even¬†really dry skin, always soothing and it just does the job perfectly. I really recommend it to anyone with dry to normal skin!

Hannah x


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