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Hello lovelies,

This post will probably be annoying to university students like myself who have just now finished their exams and are, hurrah DONE WITH UNIVERSITY!! But, I don’t think that this is necessarily university based and is helpful to general productivity so I decided to tell you guys about it anyway. Some of you are a few years younger than me and so you can still use this for studying but for everyone my age, WELL DONE ON FINISHING UNIVERSITY! Hopefully you’re off to a job that you’re excited about and can still utilise this app at work!

I am a pain in my own arse when it comes to work and studying and noise. When I try to listen to music at the same time as studying or revising, like all of my friends and pretty much everyone I’ve ever known does, I can’t concentrate on what I am reading or writing because I can’t help but focus on the lyrics. When I listen to instrumental music without lyrics I become too bored and demotivated to do anything productive. When I have complete silence, I feel as though I am missing out on something and spend my time procrastinating on social media. I can’t win!

Until now! I have discovered an app that gives me enough background noise to feel as though I’m not completely isolated so I don’t go looking for social distraction but it is also more of a hum of noise with nothing that stands out so it doesn’t disrupt my concentration. (Except for the university one where someone yells ‘Hannah!’)

Coffitivity is a very simple app to use! It provides three different options of coffee shop noise– morning murmur, lunchtime lounge and university undertones. (I see your alliteration Coffitivity!) You can choose the volume that works for you and the environment that works for you. The morning murmer sounds busier as everyone is getting coffee and the lunchtime one is a little quieter and the university one provides more abstract noise than coffee type or hum of talking noise. I think there are definitely atmospheres to meet everybody’s preference.

It also has a music element to it. I actually really like most coffee shop music in general but the Coffitivity app allows you to use your own playlist, spotify, iTunes or a radio station to incorporate with the coffee shop noise. You can choose to have the music as the focus with a hum of cafe noise or the cafe noise louder with the music in the background, the latter of which is my personal preference.

It just makes me feel so productive, it has all of the elements of a coffee shop that enhance productivity except for the fact that coffee shops do close which means you do have to get stuff done before they kick you out! But this just means that you can zone out of life and get stuff done whenever and wherever you want and need and I really like it, I think it’s really helpful and I wish I had discovered it sooner!

The app is completely free, find it on the apple app store (I don’t know if it’s available for anything other than iPhone but I figure that everyone has an iPhone so it’s cool) so go download it and give it a try!

Again, well done to all uni graduates! You’re amazing! Be proud! Let’s all exhale a sigh of relief together! We can give our brains a break and our days can end at 5pm with the evenings free to do as we please! (Can you tell how enthusiastic I am about going to work? I am honestly so ready for it!)

All my love,

H x


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