Colouring books, bipolar sky, museums & cutting a hamster out of a sofa!

Hello lovelies,

I’ve been really busy lately so I don’t have a huge pre-written post but it has been a while since I’ve written an update post so here we go!

Everything and everyone is settled in the house and we’ve pretty much just been getting on with our own things. Our friends moved in, a few houses up, this week so it’s been really lovely to have them around. My friend Megan is just as childish as I am and it has been very good to have her around to mess about with me and her return saw us in Poundland buying colouring books, a mini basketball hoop and a set of bats and a ball. Never grow up, kids.

It’s hot in London at the moment, the sticky kind of hot that makes you feel a bit gross. The weather has just been¬†unpredictable with scorching heat one minute to a thunderstorm the next. Today, though, three of four household musketeers braved the bipolar sky and ventured into central London to visit the National History Museum. Other than getting wet in the rain and being far too hot and cramped on the tube and in the museum, it was lovely. My favourite parts of the Natural History Museum are always the animals bit and the crystals.

In other news, we bought a hamster. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now but then, when I mentioned it, the housemates were all in and now we have a magnificent hamster home with different levels, a ball and a little ginger furry friend, Syrian hamster, Buddy. ¬†He is just adjusting to being handled but is super playful, quite clever and very adventurous! So adventurous in fact that we had a little disaster…

Buddy has happily been left climbing and exploring our hands, arms, laps and running around the sofa we sit on. The other day, however, when he did the usual burrow behind my back, he completely vanished! One second I could feel his little feet scurrying across my back but in the next second he had completely disappeared! I whipped around to face the sofa and searched the cushions and everything before moving the furniture around desperately trying to recover him.

Eventually we all realised that he had to be on or in the sofa. Upon investigation, we discovered that the side of the sofas, beneath the sofa cushions, were cut open and that Buddy had managed to find the gap before we did and had trapped himself inside the sofa. With torchlights on our phones, arms buried into the sofa and a lot of determination, we chased our hands around inside the sofa, trying to find something furry to touch (that wasn’t old socks and snotty tissues which were also found within the sofa!)

Eventually we had to slit the material at the very bottom of the sofa a little in order to retrieve him…but we did it! He is completely fine and we all learned that the sofas are actually ruined (which was obvious anyway with the serious stains on the fabric) and we are now much more vigilant when we have Buddy on our laps or our sofa!

I write you this from my bed at 1:04am and I am about to crash! After walking all around the museum and central London today and then returning to do boring housework, my feet haven’t had a break until now and are hot and sore (sad face). I am now going to end this post and allow myself to fall into slumber!

Take care,

Hannah x



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