Comforts in The City

Hello lovelies,

My ‘about’ states that I live in London but I haven’t always lived here; I only moved to London September 2013. Before London, home for me was in the West Midlands, in a small town that you will never have heard of, in a cute little house backing onto huge green fields and a forest. An altogether different place and experience to London.

I adore London, I am very comfortable here, I like how busy it is and how there is always something to do and somewhere to go, always something new on. But sometimes within the constant buzz and chaos of London, it’s nice to find things that offer you some home comforts. When I see or am around these things in London it makes me feel that bit better and homey.

Ambulances. Ambulances are comforting to me for two main reasons: firstly they are a form of authority and secondly, my stepdad is a paramedic so seeing ambulances around comforts me even though I know it will definitely not be my stepdad in there; it just offers safety.

Yellow fiat 500’s. My mum drives an outrageously yellow little fiat with big bright daisies on and it just reminds me of her when I see one around.

Media sharing. My brother has a platform online where he shares his music so I can go on there and see what he and my sister are or have been listening to and maybe tune it to the same stuff too.

Staffies. I have a cute little black and white staffy dog at home so it makes me smile whenever I see them on walks around London.

Cats. I miss my two cats so it is always nice to fuss friendly cats about London.

Tea. Whether it is in a cafe on my travels or at home on the sofa, tea is always comforting.

My duvet. Because duvets still protect you from monsters regardless of your age.

I thought about this on a bus ride home and thought maybe it would be a cute post to talk about homes away from home. Does anyone else have these little comforts or home reminders?

Hannah x



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