Cosy Christmas Nights

Hello lovelies,

This is a dual-purpose post so get ready! The nights are so so cold and I can’t speak for any other city other than the best city in the world, but London is bloomin’ stormy out!

I have written a post before, I think it was published this time last year, where I talked about the little things that you can do to make your uni place Christmassy. It gets really difficult because you don’t have room to play with and you can’t buy and set up expensive items that you want to because you know it will only get ruined in your communal living situation so all you really have is your bedroom.

Last year, I was gifted a Next Christmas bedspread that came to a whopping £75 in total! That is what’s featured in the photographs. That being said, I thought I would talk you through the things that I have that make my bedroom feel more festive and provide some more affordable options.

(Excuse creases, I don’t have the time to iron bedsheets)


My bedspread is from Next, as I said so that includes the leaves fitted sheet and pillow set, the duvet set itself and the cushions.

The ombre grey and white blanket on the bottom of my bed is from H&M. I adore H&M homeware because I think they are so current and on trend, they are really good at taking the latest home decor styles and making them affordable so definitely do check them out if you, like me, are a student or moving house and want the most affordable homeware then you’ll find all sorts of wonders in H&M home!

The blanket featured behind the pillows is a christmas patterned Mickey Mouse inspired comforter from Disney that my boyfriend bought me so I will include the details of pricing etc in the STP section below, later.


Perhaps the most obvious Christmas decor to get for your place is a Christmas tree! I’m not going to include my Christmas tree in this particular post because I am going to make a feature of it on it’s own in it’s own little post where I will talk about the most affordable trees that are cheap enough to purchase, small enough for student and studio pads and the most affordable decorations!


In terms of creating a festive mood, you can’t ignore Christmas scented candles. I have included two candles for both budget and luxury. I have the Yankee Candle in Christmas Cookie, it was kindly gifted to me but, again, I will find out pricing for the STP. If Yankees are out of your budget then fear not! One of my all time favourite candles ever is…and I can’t believe I’m admitting this, the Air wick candle in ‘Apple spice’ is so so good. It smells amazing and you can get the variance that doesn’t have the ugly branding sticker and you can pick one up for £2 from your local supermarket. Talk about easy. The only problem I have is that the burn time is so short but the strong scent does make up for their little lives.

So whether you’re decorating and spending most of the holidays at uni like me, are feeling the pinch this christmas or just looking for inspiration for festive decor, I hope that this helped!

Hannah x


Shop this post:

Bedspread : Next // £70-80 \\ last season sold out > similar (£42) link

Ombre blanket : H&M home // £29.99 \\ link

Mickey comforter : Disney // £18.95 \\ link

Christmas Cookie : Yankee Candle // £18.99 \\ link

Apple spice : Air wick// £1.99 \\ most supermarkets



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