Counting my Hours and Making Hours Count

As I’m self-employed, I often work more or less hours than I should and I completely forget to take holiday. In my short space of time going out on my own in my career, I’ve realised that this was it’s whole own lesson to learn. Here’s why I’m trying to be a better boss for myself and count my hours!

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Counting my hours

For the past six months, I have worked way more hours than necessary on some days and way less on others. It’s a good method if you’re sick or if you’re recovering from something, as I was earlier this year. Typically, though, it’s the worst professional mistake I could have made. When it comes to work, I have been a machine. I forget that there’s a human inside that needs food and rest.

From here onwards, I am going to count every hour. This week, I have been preparing for a break so I’ve worked 8-5 days and tried to stop in the evening. I try to remember to have an hour lunch break and do something I enjoy. As a result, I have been more productive, rather than less. I am more focused and tend to get things done quicker. If you’re self-employed, count your hours! You might be surprised to find you’re doing more or less than what you thought!


Making the hours count

I have only been on holiday for two days this year. Adam and I went to Paris for my birthday. Since then, I haven’t taken a single day off! Though I don’t specifically have any ‘holiday’ requirement, I’ve just been working like a boss day in, day out. With Christmas around the corner, I realised that the year is drawing to a close and I would usually take 20 holiday days a year. I need to step up!

When this post goes live, I will be stepping onto a plane to Copenhagen, where I hope to relax for one whole week! I’m expecting lots of food, picturesque streets and a very chill time in the home of hygge. When I return, I’ll still have 13 days left, if we go by typical work laws. Why wouldn’t I put a holiday allowance in place for myself? My goal for next year is to go on a holiday every 3 months. Whether it’s a city break long weekend or a two week summer holiday, I need to to be out of office and living life. What’s the point in making money, if you’re not having fun spending it?

Here’s to counting the hours and making the hours count!

If you are self-employed and have learned the same lesson, feel free to leave me a comment with any advice, tips or experiences you’d like to share! I’m sure we would all benefit from your wisdom!


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