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I hinted that I’d be doing more home decor based blog posts and here I am! I’m a big reader. I’m currently failing my big reading challenge of the year but hey, we all have to give ourselves a kickstart sometimes! I needed a reading corner!

I keep getting really busy lately. My job is growing in responsibility at a steady rate! I’m in charge of changing things up so that’s a lot of work and sometimes, to be honest, I just want to come home, sit on our sofa, drink a couple glasses of red wine and watch TV. I have become the full-time worker, part-time slob. There goes all my promises of making my free time count for something. Sure, I still blog, I still write, I still journal, I still garden, I still work on the house but am I reading anything? Does 15 minutes on a bus to Brixton count?

I decided I needed a place to read and here’s the thing: I regularly fall asleep on the bed and turn the TV on when I’m on the sofa so I made a cute little reading corner and for literally nothing!

I needed to be sat up so the first thing I needed for the reading corner was an upright chair! I called upon my parents to bring round my old beanbag. It takes a while to get comfortable at first— a lot of wriggling my weight around and manoeuvring the beans to support my back! The cushion I got from Made a while ago but I needed the colour to brighten up the black.

No reading corner is complete without a cosy rug. This one was literally twenty quid and though the whiteness is not ideal because of cats and tea spillage and whatnot, I don’t mind so much when it’s tucked under a beanbag!

You’ve got to have something to put your coffee and your books on obviously so I got another one of these side tables. I like to stack books on the top and fold the fluffy blanket underneath. Since this corner is in the far end of the house and the sun just misses it there’s a cool spotlight lamp and, for pops of colour, I put some succulents there too.

My reading corner is so cosy and relaxing so I hope I actually use it and I hope this inspires you in some way!

H x


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