Cute Mini Satchels! (Only £6!)


Hello lovelies,

As one can tell from previous ‘What’s in my bag’ posts, I am a fan of offensively large handbags. Call me Mary Poppins, but I like to know I can get everything and anything I could think of to fit in a handbag- however, it is not the healthiest of fashion trends to promote. Having a larger bag means carrying an excessive amount of things and the added weight on your shoulder isn’t good for you.

In a bid to beat the shoulder/arm ache and because I think satchels are adorable, I was on the hunt for a smaller bag and found the perfect thing. I discovered this mini satchel in Primark- for only £6!!! It is just the sweetest handbag and perfect for only carrying around the necessities like your phone, purse, travelcards and headphones etc. They do other colours and a spotty version which are just as pretty but I chose black so it would go with most outfits.

The quality of this bag is surprisingly good for one from Primark; the bag is strong and sturdy and holds its own which is rare for cheap bags.

I just think these bags will be very popular, lightweight and perfect for carrying necessities about this summer! Go and get yourself one! (And it’s hardly splashing out now,  is it?)

Hannah x


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