Day in The Life…A Photo Album

As you already know, I moved house recently which meant that I have been strapped for cash and job hunting for a month. Though when you read this I will have been in my new job for a couple of weeks already, the pictures in this post commemorate the month that Adam and I shared, in June, when we were saving money, enjoying our new beautiful home and just spending some quality time together and enjoying our time off university.

I felt as though they didn’t have much place in a post as I have little to say for them but I know that my Halloween photo album went down quite well, as did my little Brighton book of pictures so, if you care to scroll through some photos collected from camera rolls, snapchat and elsewhere, this is what the last month and a bit has looked like for us.


day in the life camberwell

The beautiful gardens near our house


day in the life cat

Waking up to B.W


day in the life elephant teapot

Morning cuppa


day in the life cat

A threatening Beige in her natural habitat…above the cooker


day in the life scrabble cat boyfriend

Scrabble on the coffee table in midday sunshine



day in the life scrabble

I guess you could say we’re the perfect match


day in the life snapchat

Tying up loose ends in university life


day in the life rug shopping h&m london

Home shopping when money allows



day in the life cat home blogger

The cuddly spot on the sofa


day in the life blogger selfie

Adam, not finding the sleepy company particularly entertaining…


day in the life bath

…But enjoying his relaxed evenings just as much!


day in the life boyfriend home cat decor

Lazy mornings


A house full of a lot of love,

H x


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