Dear Hannah, Love Anna- Homesickness at University/Moving Out

PicFrameHello lovelies!

So I asked you guys what you wanted me to talk about etc and I have chosen one topic that was raised and that is: Homesickness. With a lot of my readers either in university or wanting to go to university I know that homesickness is a very real concern so I thought I would talk about it really openly and really honestly.

I can’t tell you not to worry about homesickness because chances are you will experience it at some point when you move away unless you’re going to continue living at home and travel to a local university. When I moved away from home, homesickness didn’t bother me for a really long time. I was witnessing my flat mates go through some tough times and hard emotions whilst dealing with being far from home and without their family but I went unbothered for quite some time. I think this was because I had been longing for London and university and this was still so new and exciting and everything that I wanted and I was happy.

Towards the middle of my second semester of first year was when it really hit me. I hardly ever saw my family and I struggled with feeling lonely sometimes because I didn’t talk about how I felt. And I missed my cats!

When I visited home I assumed that it would cure homesickness for me but it didn’t. Home wasn’t home either. My sister had moved into my old bedroom so I didn’t have a room that was truly mine. I know a lot of people that felt the same when they went home too.

The best advice I can give you is:

  1. It’s okay to be homesick. Moving out is a transition and it takes a while for your new place to feel like home for you.
  2. Talk to people about it. They will or have felt the same at some point.
  3. If your family don’t understand why home can’t be home anymore then have a discussion with them about it. It’s hard on them too that they aren’t your home anymore.
  4. Push through it. Just push through it because it goes away. Make your new room and dorm home by adding things you used to have in your room at home, buy food that you enjoyed at home and build on friendships that give you a support network.

It gets a whole lot easier. My second year house is home now and my parents changed the room at home from a study to an actual bedroom and it’s pink and fluffy and cosy and I don’t feel homesick anymore in either place. (But I still miss fat Mr Tiggy cat).

I hope that this helps! Also, on a side note, if you’re feeling pathetic then I want you to know that I skyped my cats. Homesickness is real. Cats are great. (Did I just make this post all about cats or what?)

Love, Hannah x


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