‘Dear Hannah, Love Anna’

Dear Hannah

Hello lovelies,

In celebration of the blog being given a slightly newer look and with a commitment of there being more activity on the blog, I thought I would try out something new for you lot.

I thought I might open up my email to you so that you can anonymously send me suggestions of what you would like to see on the blog, requests of either certain outfit for certain occasion posts or top product posts. I also thought that it could double as an agony aunt service for anyone who has a question about anything which I can do my best to answer for you and for anyone else reading who feels or wonders the same.

I think it will be a good way of tailoring the content to the readers and a way of writing about stuff that matters to people or can help people.

So, anyone who wants to drop by can do so at hannahshappyblog@gmail.comĀ OR alternatively, leave a comment below under any name or Anna!

Hope to hear from you,

Hannah x


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