DHLA: Let’s Talk About FOMO



Hello lovelies,

I thought it was about time that I returned to my inbox and picked out what you guys want to talk about. Today, I’m investigating FOMO.

For those who don’t already know, FOMO stands for the ‘fear of missing out’ and has always been a thing but not as talked about as it is now.

We’ve all been in a situation where we can see what others are doing and they’re having fun whilst you’re busy at work. Sometimes parties or events or things come up and we have to make a decision whether to attend or not and we look at our finances and responsibilities and we can’t go. The particular email I got was about a circumstance where they weren’t sure if they wanted to go or not but didn’t want to miss out so I shall talk about that directly.

Dear Anna,

Stop worrying about what everybody else is doing, just switch off and decide for yourself if you want to do something and whether you think you’ll enjoy it or not. If something isn’t really your thing you don’t have to participate and there’ll be plenty of times when you do things that you love doing with people you love. Sometimes it’s better to turn something down rather than attend because of the fear of missing out but not enjoy it at all and have wasted time and effort and maybe even money on a bad time.

Don’t let the fear of missing out cause you to dismiss your other responsibilities. If you don’t have the time or the cash and you have other places you need to be or things to do then be smart enough to say no and do something on a different day.

I don’t really suffer from FOMO as I’m a fairly busy person and content with doing my own thing anyway so I’m not sure this was much help but I think as long as you get involved and have fun every so often doing what you want to do with your friends you shouldn’t need to worry about missing things once in a while.

And what’s more: is it possible for you to be ‘missing out’ on something you’re not sure you even want to do?

Love, Hannah x


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