DIY Marble Table

If you follow me on Snapchat (happyhannahlou) then you will know that I recently had to set up my camera on a tripod (shock horror) to properly shoot a blog post– and this is it! As promised, I have more home decor posts for you and one of the things I wanted was a marble coffee table. There is a table I have in mind but it is £500 and, though I probably will buy it someday anyway, I wanted to give a DIY marble table a go! Here is my how to.


You really don’t need a lot of stuff! Hunt down some marble peel off vinyl and get a pair of scissors and some sort of paperweight.

DIY marble table coffee table home decor


Before you buy the vinyl for your DIY marble table, use a tape measure to suss the dimensions of the table (or other piece of furniture) that you would like to marbleise. Roll the vinyl out on the furniture and mark where you will need to cut. Cut a straight line an inch or two away from where you marked to ensure that you have some leftover vinyl to pull over the edges of the furniture so that the edges finish under the table or under the surface of the piece of furniture you are working on. You will probably have to weigh down the vinyl roll to do this so it doesn’t get in your way!

Once you have cut the general shape of the furniture out, turn the vinyl back over to the unmarked side and line it up exactly where you want it to be. It is important to keep it in the perfect place from here on out because the cuts you make from this step onwards are undoable! Work around the shape of the table and cut diagonally into any corners. These are extra fiddly to fold over and finish otherwise. If you’re good at wrapping, you’ll understand where we’re going with this.

DIY marble table coffee table home decor

DIY marble table coffee table home decor


Then there is nothing left to do but peel off the backing sticker, away from the vinyl and actually get to work on the DIY marble table! The sticker peel will sit under the vinyl as you are sticking it down. This gets increasingly more uncomfortable as the DIY goes on but it is the only way! Peel the sticker back just a few inches and tightly pull the sticker over the first edge at the starting point.

The edges are important so pay close attention to them to ensure that they are as sharp and tight as they can be so as to not be glaringly obvious. Firmly push the sticker into place underneath the table. When the edges are finished, stick down the corners, placing one half of the cut piece down and the other on top of it, lining up the slit with the corners of the table.

Only remove the peel two inches at a time so that your work is manageable because this is the hardest part! Take a credit card and smooth the sticker down with a decent amount of pressure so that you push the air bubbles and creases out as you work. You don’t know how large your coffee table is until you work on it bit by tiny bit!

DIY marble table coffee table home decor

DIY marble table coffee table home decor

DIY marble table coffee table home decor

Voila! An easy peasy DIY marble table! It really has brightened up my living room and (despite concerns and doubts) even the boyfriend loves it!

I hope this helps you in your deluxe for less endeavours!

H x


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