DIY Memo Board – Homemade Christmas Gifts

For college-goers and work-from-homers, organisational items make really great gifts. This Christmas DIY memo board is really inexpensive and easy but looks really great.


You Will Need: 

  • Craft wire
  • Mini craft pegs
  • Pliers
  • Tape Measure


DIY memo board christmas gifts wire mesh grid

DIY memo board christmas gifts wire mesh grid


DIY memo board christmas gifts wire mesh grid


Make a Frame

The first thing you need to do is roughly lay out the frame of how big you want your DIY memo board to be. I did this entirely by eye and just curled the corners where I thought necessary.

Secondly, you’ll notice that this is a flimsy structure so you need to double the frame’s strength by taking the craft wire around the perimeter again, twisting the parts together as you go.



When your frame is made, use pliers to trim the wire and spend some time curling the edges so nothing sharp sticks out.

Then, lay out the craft wire in both horizontal and vertical lines and trim as many strips of wire as you would like to use on the board. Then, using a tape measure, make even and symmetrical sections, pegging where you need a wire.

Apply the wire strips to the frame in just one direction first. Curl the edges over the top of the frame to attach, straighten out as you line the piece up, then curl it over the frame at the end to finish off.



When all the wires are in place in one direction, you will have to weave the other pieces in. For example, my first batch of wires for the grid were vertical. When I weaved my horizontal lines in, I ensured each piece was weaved in an opposite way to the ones before it.

Take the first piece of wire and weave behind and above and behind and above the already attached wires. Take the second piece and weave above, behind, above, behind to ensure that it is the opposite of the first piece. Interchange the weave until all pieces of wire make the grid.


Peg Away

I started this DIY memo board out with some motivational postcards and origami pikachu. Hopefully, the recipient of this gift will cover the board in photos, memos and memories!



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