Don’t Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout


Hello lovelies!

I write this on Wednesday 3rd February (I don’t know when this will go up) and have just finished my fifth book of my 20 books challenge! Celebratory dance for getting 1/4 of the way through!! I read ‘Don’t Look Back‘ by Jennifer ┬áL. Armentrout, following a recommendation on one of my favourite book tube channels gracewithabookinherface.

I would classify this book as YA mystery type novel, definitely more chick-lit than unisex. It follows the story of protagonist, Sammy, who we immediately know has been through something so terrible and she’s running from something and she gets picked up by a police officer to find that she has been missing and her best friend, Cassie, is still missing.

Sammy has amnesia, brought on by post-traumatic stress disorder, and she can’t remember what happened or anything else. She had to be told her name and who her parents were when they visited and just really doesn’t know what happened to her or her best friend who she can barely remember.

Memories come to her in tiny pieces that she has to put together but she learns that she was the queen bitch of her high school, a bully, a gossip, a trouble maker who was rude to anyone who didn’t share her background of wealth. She learns that she doesn’t really like her ‘friends’ or boyfriend and is someone completely different than who she used to be but still has to find her place in a school where people don’t forget her past.

Basically, there’s a lot of pressure on Sammy to remember what exactly happened that night in the hopes of finding her best friend Cassie so even though to try to do so is causing her a lot of mental stress, she feels obliged to.

This was a quick read and I was hooked and wanting to know who it was that actually killed Cassie and I actually guessed correctly from about halfway through the book so the clues are there if you spot them!

I’d recommend this book to anyone who needs something fast-paced enough to whizz through one weekend, despite some very unlikeable characters it’s a good book.

I rated this book 3 stars on my goodreads page where you can find me here to follow my reading challenge.

Also, for anyone interested in book-clubbing or reading along with me, the next book I am going to be reading is Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn and I will start this weekend!

Keep reading!
Hannah x


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