Dream a Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher


Hello lovelies,

I have just now put this book down, finished it not even a minute ago, and decided to do a little book review while it is all still fresh in my mind.

I have followed the Fletcher family on youtube for a while and thought that it was only right that I try one of Giovanna’s novels. (I am quite clearly far too old for the book that Carrie wrote). I might remember it a little haphazardly as I read the first half a few weeks ago in the summer haze and the lastĀ half in the last two nights in a rushed bid to get this book completed before I have to go back to work.

I thoroughly enjoyed the concept of the book; the protagonist, Sarah, dreams of a man from her past, each dream becoming more detailed and (ahem) intimate. Then one day at work, (SPOILERS), the same man turns up at her office, ready to take on the new position they advertised. Then we follow Sarah through her confusion as she blurs the lines between dream and reality and has to acclimatise to the Real Brett, all the while fantasising about the Dream Brett.

The storyline toward the end became more intricate and I was more emotionally involved in the characters, not just Sarah but her friends too- I even had a cheeky little cry at one part!

It was an easy read, I didn’t have to think about it. I’d have recommended this as a holiday book, I think, something reasonably short and easy going to mosey over whilst at the beach. It’s definitely out of my book shelf comfort zone which is usually filled with novels with a little more of pragmatic undertone to them as I love to read a book and then be left to think about something or to read something profound that makes me want to change my life. But, regardless, for a genre I am not too familiar with, this book was a quick and easy, enjoyable read.

Hannah x


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