Dreamy Bedroom Makeover For Less Than £100!

Adam and I have focused on the lounge and the kitchen and the bathroom but haven’t touched the bedroom. Before the colder weather settled in, I wanted to have a dreamy bedroom makeover. I was looking for a calm, serene space to read, relax and sleep in. Above all else I wanted it to be cosy and I wanted to do it for under £100!

dreamy bedroom makeover space moon tumblr

dreamy bedroom makeover space moon tumblr

dreamy bedroom makeover space moon tumblr

dreamy bedroom makeover


For our dreamy bedroom makeover, Adam and I decided on hotel chic decor with clean lines, neutral colours and some dreamy vibes hence the moon prints. I am a little bit obsessed with all things starry, spacey and geometric but I didn’t want to go overboard so when we started on the makeover, we started with the walls and I stuck with simple prints of the lunar phases and the moon. The La Lune print has a lovely little romantic quote on it too which I didn’t know until it arrived so that was a cute bonus. Thanks Desenio!


No Damage DIY

We didn’t want to mess up our walls during the bedroom makeover and neither of us were confident enough to put a hole in the wall so we decided to use Command strips.

They’re honestly the easiest things to use ever— the hardest part was trying to make the prints straight! You just take two strips, break them up, line up the velcro and push them together, peel one sticker off the back to stick to the frame. Do the same to put another on the other side of the frame then peel off the remaining stickers, line up the print on the wall and apply pressure. Sorted!



The sheets are simple too. Even though they’re hardly practical since I regularly spill tea and I have playful cats, I couldn’t let go of my love for white sheets. I love the lines on the sheets, I feel like it gives it a more personal vibe since they’re not entirely white and it aligns with my love for clean lines and simplicity.

I can’t take credit for the cushion as a bedroom makeover item because it was actually a gift for my birthday and was something I asked for but when I realised it matched the prints perfectly I threw it on the bed too.


Bedside Table

The nightstand I got from IKEA for £4 (I’m not joking). I just marbleised the glass. I ordered the marble vinyl for under £10 and you can see my DIY on how I did it.



The grey rug was a bit of an impulse buy. We already had a thin one but I thought we needed something thicker and more cosy for the colder months and this seemed perfect (and perfectly priced). But, in the name of authenticity, I will tell you that the rug was too big and now lives in the lounge, as pictured!


The bedroom is cosy and dreamy and a perfect place to come back to in the evenings. Adam and I are really pleased— and not out of pocket!

I’m a klutz and impatient and have shaky hands so even though I have an eye for this kind of thing, I don’t have the DIY skills. If I can do it, you can do it! Whether it’s your uni room, your new adult apartment or you’ve fallen short of finding your feet and you’re back at your parents house and want to give it a three years on re-jig, I hope this inspires you!

H x


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