Easy Things To Donate To Charity That You Won’t Miss

Hello lovelies! I thought I would catch you all while you’re thinking about spring cleaning. I am a huge believer in minimalism and an even bigger fan of charity so they tend to go hand in hand! I know that lots of people are sentimental and that can make them hoarders but if you have a cluttered house, you can still keep the memories and donate things to charity. These are some easy things to donate to charity that you won’t miss!

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Old textbooks, unused notebooks, unread biographies, cook books, well thumbed novels. We all have some sort of books lying around our homes. Go through all of your books and notebooks and be smart. You only need one notebook and you only need to keep books that you’ll use again. Everything else can and should be donated to charity. If you’re not reading them, you won’t miss them and someone else should be able to enjoy them!



Just because you don’t have a DVD player anymore, doesn’t mean other people don’t. We’ve all held on to DVD’s because they’re favourites, classics or just great to return to. Attachments to films are fine. Just remember that we’re in a digital age. When was the last time you watched a DVD? Download the films on your laptop or smart TV if the urge demands in but donate your DVD’s. It will save a LOT of lounge space and I promise you won’t even notice their absence.



I’m serious about this one. Give your clothes to the needy and the thrifty. I’ve tried to convince everyone of the minimalist wardrobe – a daily uniform, everything matches and everything you own, you wear and love. What’s not to like? The best part about wardrobe clear outs is finding clothes you didn’t remember you had and donating clothes to charity. If you haven’t worn something in the last 3 months then donate to charity. If you don’t fit the clothes any more, donate to charity. If you can’t see a function where you might wear them, donate to charity. You’ll feel lighter for it and so will the rail.


Old Gadgets

I recently donated a wii fit board and game to a charity shop. I know the families in the area will love it. I, myself, have not used them in years and, since my coffee table takes centre stage of the living room, probably never will. I want it to go to someone who can really appreciate it and the truth is I won’t. I have also finally gotten rid of my empty boxes for my macbook, iPad and phone! They take up space and when was the last time you put your appliances in their boxes? Go through your kitchen as well as your office and make someone else’s day a little brighter by donating what you don’t use.


Get a bit brutal with your belongings and lessen that load whilst simultaneously finding loving homes for your stuff!


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