Essie Nail Polish Review: ‘Sugar Daddy’

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Hello lovelies,

I haven’t really been buying cosmetics and beauty products recently because of saving and budgeting and not really wanting anything but I ran out of decent nail polish recently and needed something to protect my nails as they are becoming really thin and weak due to all the stress of moving to and from places recently.

I chose an Essie polish for a few reasons. Firstly, because they are a really decent polish in terms of easy application, fast drying and last a long time before starting to chip and wear so I know I can trust them! Secondly, I like to build up layers of Essie polish because when it starts to chip, it tends to peel off in one and I actually like that it does this because it is less effort and less damaging than scrubbing at them with nail varnish remover!

I know it’s summer and I probably should have gone for something bold and bright but I went for the colour ‘Sugar Daddy’ instead because it is a pretty pearly pink and nothing too obvious because I don’t really want to be attracting attention to my short stubby nails at the moment. I just needed something fairly natural to match all outfits so I can keep reapplying the polish for a while until they grow!

As always, it was a lovely texture, applied nicely, dried quickly and allowed me to layer. With pale or pastel shades of the Essie nail polish range, I do think it is important to mention that you WILL need to do a few coats before the colour really pops but Essie doesn’t tend to go tacky or anything so it works out fine, it just takes a little longer!

Now I have smooth and shiny nails with a good layer of protective polish!

Another beautiful polish from Essie.

Hannah x


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