Evening Routine – De-Stress

Hello lovelies! I’ve been meaning to do an evening routine for a while. Since my nights often vary, I thought I would show you the nights I try to have a couple times a week. I’m still trying to lower my stress on an everyday scale so these kind of nights are perfect. Without further ado, here’s my evening routine to de-stress.

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Before I get into the evening routine, Adam and I take Sansa for a walkabout which is a great chance to get some light exercise to end the day’s work.┬áBut as soon as we’re back, I strip off my coat and empty my bag and put everything away. If you do it whilst you’re still in work mode you don’t have to get annoyed right before bed when you’ve dumped everything there! Once we’re back home, I then make a cup of tea or hot chocolate and just sit and catch up with Adam.

Eventually, we both get hungry and start cooking or, if there’s nothing in the fridge, we’ll order takeaway. Either way we have dinner together and watch a bit of TV. I’ll then make a cold drink and run a bath, fill it with bubbles and take my current book to read for half an hour. Once out the bath, I take the time to actually pamper myself. I’ll use a face mask and a body lotion and feel utterly taken care of! Then I usually dry my hair with a little oil in the ends and settle into my pyjamas.

From here, I’ll light some candles, make another cup of tea or maybe a hot chocolate if I fancy something sweeter. In the evenings, I’m either curled up on the sofa reading, watching Gilmore Girls or having a movie night with Adam. At least once a week we’ll rent a film, pop some corn and cuddle up. (Comedy or horror film suggestions welcome!)

I’m learning to make time for myself and properly unwind in the evenings. Fortunately, I’m great at sleeping so there’s no worry there! I think, no matter the day job, everyone could do with being a little kinder to themselves in the evening!

What do you do to unwind?

H x


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