Everything That’s Wrong With Cece Being Charles / A in PLL


Hello lovelies,

*SPOILER ALERT*. Obviously.

As an avid watcher of Pretty Little Liars, it’s safe to say that I was more than a little underwhelmed by the finale this Tuesday. Marlene may have claimed that #itsnolie and that we ‘would not have any more questions’ and that ‘everything would be answered’  but clearly she, too, has become a pretty little liar. I was thoroughly disappointed with Cece being behind A. Such a complex character deserves to have been played by a character equally as interesting so y’know, ANY OTHER CHARACTER but some irrelevant ex friend who plane hopped her way out of sticky business and was never seen/ heard of / cared about again.

Needless to say, I have a few issues with how Cece has been thrown into the mix. It honestly feels as though Marlene King hurriedly rewrote the episode shortly after that disgruntled on-set worker exposed the truth of the previous script: Wren was A. They had been working on that theory for a really long time, hence putting all of the wren bird hints and the doctor clues and the misspelling and relationship with Mona, knowledge of Radley, the choosing of the Dilaurentis’ neighbours house to stay in, OCD disorder etc etc. The Cece plot does not match up to any of the clues we were given by Marlene: ‘A has a crush on Spencer’, ‘An apple a day keeps A away’ (the famous doctor saying) and, of course, ‘A was in the first pilot episode, unmasked’. None of which apply to Cece. (And thank you to the attention and support I got on Twitter for pointing this out).

I could possibly be encouraged to accept the #CeceisA theory if some of the [embarrassingly gaping] potholes are filled in so…just to mention a few:

  1. When did the sex change occur?
  2. Why did Mrs D actually buy two dresses? We were told that one of every dress was for Bethany because she was supposedly having an affair with Bethany’s dad?
  3. Was she alternating her Radley visits between Bethany and Cece?
  4. Was she really having an affair with Bethany’s dad?
  5. So why wasn’t she buying three girly outfits instead of two?
  6. Little Bethany on the roof in the finale acted as if she didn’t know Charles’ family when she was supposed to know Mrs D really well?
  7. Where the hell was Mrs D getting the time to deal with her own family, have an affair, hide a transgender son, visit her paramour’s daughter and participate on the board for Radley?
  8. Why did Bethany draw Marion falling off the roof and not being pushed by her?
  9. Is Cece lying about that whole event?
  10. How come Cece said Bethany pushed Marion off the roof when he was really young when Marion was actually still alive when Ali was a TEENAGER?
  11. If Mrs D knew that Cece/Charles/Charlotte was in Radley then why did she panic and yell at Ali when they played the Radley prank on her?
  12. Was Cece doing that to try to reveal to Ali the truth?
  13. Why would Cece choose to go back to Radley to play that prank if she 1) hated it there so much and 2) didn’t want to be recognised?
  14. Why did Mrs D then tell Ali that she didn’t like Cece and wanted them to stop hanging out together? When she wanted her to be more involved with the family?
  15. Why would Cece also choose to revisit Radley to see Mona if she hated Radley so much and wanted to be free?
  16. We’ve been told that Cece’s motive for torturing the girls was because she overheard them saying they were glad that Ali was gone and that enraged her but why would she also torture Ali if she loved her?
  17. Why was she abusive to her own sister if the whole reason she adopted the A persona was to avenge her?
  18. Why was Melissa talking to Cece on the night Ali went missing?
  19. Why did the psychic Mrs Grunwald not know about Cece/Charles? Especially when Ali used to visit Cece in college, where they met Mrs Grunwald? Is she a really shoddy psychic or…?
  20. But Cece didn’t go to college? She said she was staying at Radley but was granted outings to college? So what was with her supposed place at college?
  21. Why did Grunwald say to the girls that one of them had been touched by the one that they feared? When none of them had been touched by Cece? Is there someone else they should be fearing?
  22. We saw Cece as red coat once when she stopped one of the liars being sawed up…and they went to Cece’s aid when she fell. Why was she red coat then?
  23. When did Sara Harvey become red coat instead?
  24. Where did Cece and Sara meet?
  25. Why is Sara also black widow when black widow so obviously has an entirely different figure?
  26. Why is she changing from red coat to black widow in the first place? Like doesn’t switching outfits take time?
  27. What is Sara’s motive for being a torturous psychopathic bitch to the liars? And Ali?
  28. Who killed Mrs D?
  29. Why was A apologetic with flowers to Bethany’s family for her death- it was made out before that they messed up and meant to hurt Alison instead but actually Cece wanted to hurt Bethany? Was that Mona because she meant to hit Ali?
  30. Why is Melissa so shady?
  31. Did Cece fly to London to put blood in Spencer’s bag before her interview? We were encouraged to believe it was Wren or Melissa’s creepy roommate. Why?
  32. Isn’t Melissa the black widow because y’know…SHE’S A WIDOW?!
  33. Are Jason and Mr D okay?
  34. Does Mona get out of that room?
  35. Do the moms get out of the basement?
  36. What the hell happened to Maya?
  37. Was the thing that Maya knew, the fact that Cece was A?
  38. Why did Mona know that Maya knew something she wasn’t supposed to know? And why did Mona know that but not know what Maya knew?
  39. What did Mona know about Wren that caused her to tell him she no longer trusts him with anything?
  40. Why can’t Wren spell diagnosis when he is supposed to be a doctor?
  41. Why did he draw the family scene at the farm and colour in Mrs D as red coat?
  42. Why was Wilden so intent upon finding out who Ali’s killer was…if he knew it was Cece?
  43. Why is no one telling us why Eddie Lamb recognised Aria?
  44. The creepy boy in the doll hospital shop said that a man AND a woman came looking for answers not a man-woman so what’s that about?
  45. Why did Ian kill himself / did he kill himself / who killed him? We were encouraged to think that someone killed him. The obvious theory was that Wren killed him out of jealousy. No? Why was Ian trying to kill Spencer? Why would Melissa be cool with that?
  46. Ezra asked Cece for answers about Ali for his writing (when he was kind of A). Does he know about Cece being Charles? Was she A then?
  47. What the hell is in that stupid barrel? Is it Maya?
  48. Why did Wren authorise Cece’s visitor pass? Was he in on it?
  49. If Cece wanted so badly to be a woman and wear dresses then WHY did she resort back to wearing suits and male clothes as A?
  50. If Cece is so loving and innocent and desperate to be with her family again then why the hell did she nearly kill Jason- her BROTHER, in the elevator shaft?
  51. Why was she so obsessed with Aria in the dollhouse? And what’s with the obsession with her pink hair?
  52. Why did she cover Spencer in blood in the dollhouse when Spencer didn’t kill Bethany, she did?
  53. Why did A text Spencer saying ‘you know who I am, you killed me’ when she didn’t kill anyone and certainly not Cece?
  54. Why did Mrs D go after Spencer if she knew that it was Cece who hit Ali?
  55. How did Wilden cover for Cece when mathematically he would have been a child at the time of the event?
  56. Why did Radley let their mentally sick children out on the roof?
  57. Why do the writers think that it is okay to send out a message that the only person crazy enough to be A was the transgender character?
  58. And why do they think its okay for the fact that they’re transgender to be the motivation behind why they are so crazy? And crazy enough, even, to be rejected by parents? And put into a mental institute?
  59. This isn’t really a question just a statement that people are pretty pissed off about the only transgender character being portrayed as having severe mental problems. This is back-pedalling for a show that was moving forward with Emily’s coming out being so well portrayed and supported.
  60. Why did Leslie Stone say that ‘Charles’ left Radley on the night that Ali went missing when 1) Charles was supposed to be Cece by then and 2) Cece / Charles was not supposed to be in Radley at that time at all, anyway?
  61. Is Leslie Stone actually Bethany? They kind of look the same. And wasn’t there something fishy about her files?
  62. Just a final question…Does Sara offer to pay Emily’s water bill for all the showers that lying bitch took in her house?


Let me know, bitches – A.

Sorry, I meant H x


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