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Hello lovelies,

With exams just around the corner (for university students anyway) I thought I would post something about revision tips. I know so many people who don’t have a revision method and still don’t know what works best for them or how to go about revising and also, when you’re revising all day everyday, it is important to stop and take a break- this break should be guilt-free as you’re reading about something work and revision related!

Without further ado, here are my exam revision tips:

Try all methods of revision! If you’re completely baffled and don’t know any revision methods try re-writing and repetition, revision cards, recording and listening, flash cards, essay writing, making quizzes or finding quizzes. It really doesn’t matter which you do or how well you’re doing it, the most important thing is going over all the content that you’re supposed to be remembering!

Stick to one or two that work best for you! I know so many people who genuinely don’t know what works for them and I think that working out what actually works for you is actually half the battle so let’s just take an hour and figure it out. Which engages your attention the most? Which is really helping you recall information?

Have a revision plan for your revision! Make a note of the steps necessary to carry out your revision plan i.e. when are you going to make the cards? buy the resources? Spend the time working out what needs to get done, what needs revising and then give yourself a mini calendar plan to ensure that you can get everything done in time!

Set daily goals! I find smaller goals, day by day are a lot easier to manage and complete but it’s really subjective and depends on the person. Sometimes I make a long-term plan but I find them too intimidating to stick to and they don’t leave any room for accidents or unplanned events or time out so I’m more taken by setting daily goals instead at the moment. The first thing I will do when I wake up is open up the reminders app and make a list of things I hope to achieve by the end of the day and tap them off as I complete them.

Tune out! Be honest, how many of you can actually get stuff done when you’re being social or in the social part of the library or trying to study in groups of friends? Either plug in your headphones to cut everything out or take yourself off to a quiet environment where you can be left alone and can get some serious uninterrupted work done!

Be efficient! This takes a lot of practice. There are times when I am so focused that I get things done really quickly and there are other times when I am not focused, my gaze and attention drifts and I procrastinate. If you’re losing it, take a break. Set a specific time allowance for a task i.e, you should be able to read 20 pages in 40 minutes maximum- any longer and you’re wasting your time. Sometimes the pressure of a timer counting down can really boost you!

Reward yourself! Even if it is just with a decent dinner. Always ensure you have a couple hours before bedtime that are work and stress free so that you aren’t wearing your body out. It is so important to look after yourself with water, food and sleep!

I really hope these tips help- I am no expert but I am going through revision with you and it feels like I’ve been doing exams all my life. This is just what works for me and if they don’t for you then I’m sorry and I hope that you at least find consolation in that we’re all in the same boat!

Good luck!

Hannah x


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