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You’ll notice this isn’t a normal post with the typical structure. I currently have 76 drafts that I need to get out and this was a quick one! I thought I’d clarify a few things that I frequently get asked. I’ve picked the most asked questions I receive and, hopefully, in answering them, you get a clearer picture of who I am!

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Where do you live?

This sounds like a silly question but I’m assuming people already know I live in London because I talk about it all the time. I won’t disclose exactly where because that seems intrusive but I will say that I live on the zone 1 – zone 2 border. Strangely, there are plenty of people who have already worked out exactly where I live and work. Detectives in the making!


Do you own your house?

No, Adam and I rent our house. We’re not rich enough with money or the time to save yet!


What do you and Adam actually do?

I get asked this a lot. I am a social media manager. I work for an events company as their blogger in an office as well as working as a social media manager for a much larger company who give me multiple clients. Though, I’m actually going completely freelance in the next month and then self-employed in the next year, with the hope of actually starting a small business within a couple of years. For now, I’m working my notice period before going freelance.

Adam is a Management Associate in the head office of a bank. (He’s a banker that manages people and campaigns etc). I really can’t tell you much more because it’s clever stuff I don’t understand and also incredibly confidential.


Does your landlord know about your pets?

Yes. Yes. Believe it or not, there are good landlords out there. There is also a ‘lets for pets’ scheme I can recommend for others renting with a fur family.


Did you self publish your book?

No, it was picked up by an American publishing house.


How Much of ‘The Difference Project’ is True?

As soon as people began reading, I knew that I’d massively exposed a really vulnerable part of myself and dragged everyone’s skeletons from the closets and therefore, because it’s very much close to the truth, people make their own assumptions. The Difference Project is a caricature of my experiences and my friends. A lot of it is true, (yes, we buried our hamster with a ladle, that wasn’t just for comedic effect) but a lot of it is not. The people are real. The problems are real. The time frames and some of the activities are not.


If you haven’t already, it’s a bargain price to be honest! You can find it here.


I hope this answers all of the questions. If there are any more you’re dying to know, or topics you’d like discussed, genuinely feel free to let me know at hannahshappyblog@gmail.com.




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