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P1010481With the weather getting progressively worse here in England it is coming to the season of pampering! Without further ado these are my favourite body products I am and will continue to nourish my body with this season!

Feast your pretty eyeballs on the bundle above. These will be the products saving my skin and hair against raging weather and central heating this season!

P1010482Cocoa butter, cocoa butter, cocoa butter: it smells good, it feels good, it IS good! My boyfriend bought me ‘Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Body Scrub’ as a Christmas goody and this will live in my shower so I can keep my skin exfoliated. I pair it up with Superdrug’s own ‘cocoa butter body butter’ which I use afterwards because it actually moisturises your skin AND you smell delicious!


Oh boy. Aussie’s Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner. If you haven’t tried the Aussie hair product range then you’re doing something wrong. Wind and winter weather in general tend to dry my hair out and whip it around so its all in a tangle which I later rip out later. Don’t sound too pretty does it? These will also be living in my shower so that I can give my hair a big nourishing hug!


I cannot rave enough about The Body Shops Hemp Hand Protector. My mum introduced me to this product years ago when I would complain about how walking to school in the winter weather would dry out my hands and make them all itchy and gross! I have tried several pretty looking, delicious smelling hand products since then but the frangranced products tended to irritate my dry broken skin and the others didn’t tend to work. This is amazing! Its running out so I need to get some more, I would recommend this to ALL OF YOU! (Yes it smells a bit odd but it is worth it)


I have married these two products off together. Twice a week I use these babies and I LOVE them. The Simple smoothing facial scrub does a good job at removing dead skin and other rubbish from your face but it also does it gently, soothing my face instead of angering it! I always use the Simple deep cleansing face mask afterwards just for that extra bit of pampering. It takes 5 minutes, they really make a difference and they’re super affordable too. So why not?!

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