Favourite Spot in London


Hello lovelies,

Do you have a favourite spot? Or do you have somewhere that you like to go or something that you like to look at? I do. I love London, I adore lots about it that make it so categorically ‘London’. I love the old style buses, the red phone boxes, all of the parks are beautiful and there are lots of places, buildings so dizzyingly high to be in that I feel nauseous and excited, places so sparkling clean I feel Royal like Lizzie herself. But there’s one spot that I always find so defyingly beautiful and that’s tower bridge.

I can’t really explain my affliction. It’s just built to be beautiful and that colour blue might just be one of my favourite colours ever. It just looks so grand and pretty and so delicately clean over the murky Thames.

I took the photograph the other day just before date night; London was foggy so the sky was really white and I just thought that it was beautiful, even if I wasn’t as close to it as I’d have liked.

This is just one of the spots that make me feel like ‘yep, I live in London, isn’t that amazing?’

Anywho, tatty bye,

Hannah x


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