Easy Feng Shui Interior Tips

Moving house is tricky because as soon as you have gotten your old house’s interior perfect, you’ve landed in an entirely new house to figure out. From having a very interior inclined mother to having to move around a lot, I have picked up some fool-proof ways of starting out a home’s interior.


Mirrors Opposite Windows

Mirrors make every space seem more open and much larger but there are feng shui based rules on where to place them. Always place mirrors on a wall opposite a window. Make sure this isn’t a fire hazard to do so, for example, if it is facing a bed, sofa or flammable object then discard the rule. Placing a mirror opposite a window makes the room seem brighter and well put together. We are still working on our mirror collection as we only had three mirrors in our small apartment and now we need about three or four more for our much bigger house! Mirrors really make an interior look finished!


Natural Woods and Fresh Greenery

To feel at home, we need to see something natural in our homes. That’s why I recommend that you look for reclaimed wood when buying furniture and always buy fresh plants. If you’re a serial plant killer, or your home doesn’t get a lot of natural light, then you can achieve this same effect by investing in some high quality silk faux plants. As with everything, though, natural is always best. I will be writing a blog post this month on very hardy plants because I have managed to keep some alive for nearly a year which is an absolute record!

When placing some plants around the house, try a mixture of trailing plants on shelves, wide plants for wide spaces and tall plants for high ceilings. The goal, eventually, is to have a plant in every frame of your house – but this takes a lot of time! Always remember to check the toxicity of your plants if you have pets!


Place Frames at Eye Level 

Prints and decorative frames absolutely bring a home to life. Adam and I only have a very small collection at the moment, with only about 12 pieces, but we’re hoping to get more. If you don’t know where to start with pictures, here are my beginner’s tips! For a short sofa, have two vertical prints just above it, for a longer sofa, choose a landscape print. Try to have a gallery wall opposite a window, with mirrors mixed in. Always hang your prints at eye level, no higher. If you’re having photos printed, always brighten them about 200% lighter than you want the picture to print at. Go Command strips are a God send in a rented property!


Avoid Wallitis

I have once been sickened with Wallitis. Wallitis is the undeniable need to place all of your furniture up against the walls. This is a problem because it creates a very closed in space and doesn’t give the room any character. Start pulling your furniture into the middle of the room and experiment with creating different floor spaces by marking them with large rugs. (Always get a rug big enough that the furniture sits on the rug and NEVER get a rug that’s so small that it sits in between furniture. The rug should be the island your furniture sits on, as opposed to being an island within a wall of furniture!)


I hope that these help. Starting over in a new house is always so overwhelming and daunting but these really easy rules help to give you a starting point!


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