Food Intolerances; ‘Free From’ Shopping (Wheat, gluten and lactose free)

Hello lovelies,

I don’t tend to share my eating habits with you guys but there are a lot of things now that I cannot eat or digest. When you are told of various digestive problems it can be very overwhelming and, in my experience, doctors often only list and exaggerate what you can’t eat. Living, food shopping, eating out and just day to day, this can really be disheartening and many a time I have found myself wandering around a Tesco store clueless and uninspired.

What would be more helpful to people with sensitive diets is if we were told what we CAN eat and given items to look out for in supermarkets.

I took the time a few weeks ago to create a shopping list for myself of things that I can eat and make meals out of. Let this be helpful to other people suffering digestive issues or a cheeky ‘What’s in my fridge’ for everyone else.

For breakfasts I buy: granola, ‘free from’ oats, ‘free from’ yoghurt, ‘free from’ soya milk, chia seeds and fresh fruit that I know I can eat such as strawberries, bananas, raspberries and grapes. From this I usually eat porridge or granola and yoghurt with fruit each morning.

For lunches I buy: jacket potatoes, tinned tuna, bacon and ‘free from’ bread. From this I eat bacon sandwiches or a tuna baked potato.

For dinner I buy: ‘free from’ pasta, frozen chicken, tinned tomatoes, green beans, frozen vegetables, spinach and frozen shrimp. From these I usually have chicken and vegetables or tomato and veg in a tomato sauce.

Snacks aren’t as exciting as they used to be. I no longer buy chocolate or sweets. Instead, I buy ‘free from’ biscuits, ‘Nakd’ snack bars and cashew nuts.

If you have food intolerances such as lactose, wheat and gluten then firstly, I’m sorry, I really do sympathise and secondly, I hope this has helped somehow.

I urge those of you who have more food ideas to comment below for the benefit of other readers!

I intend to do a few follow up posts of recipe’s so watch this space.

Hannah x


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