A look at my Work Space & Four Ways I Stay Organised

Hello lovelies, as anyone who has been following my Snapchat knows (happyhannahlou), I have been working two full-time jobs lately which makes me 1) totally crazy and 2) incredibly busy. I work 9-5 and then go home, walk my dog and eat dinner before working 7-midnight and then going to bed before doing the whole thing all over again. It’s been very messy but I’ve finally settled into a schedule that works. Here is a sneak peek of my workspace, complete with prints, Paris photos, plants and notebooks. I spend a lot of time here! Keep scrolling for four ways I stay organised.

workspace desk goals prints how to stay organised


I love lists and for most of my life I have made them on paper but given the management of 10 clients, the paper is not going to cut it! I have finally gone digital and there are three specific apps that are saving my life at the moment. Firstly, the calendar on my iPhone. It’s simple enough but a great way of Adam and I combining our schedules so we can both see when we’re going shopping, visiting the vet, going on business trips etc etc. Sometimes we even schedule dates! The second app that I’m loving at the moment is Notes. I haven’t had time to sit and blog in about three weeks so I’ve been jotting down my ideas on my phone and I now have 9 blog posts written on there in bits and pieces!

Finally, and my favourite of the lot, I love Swipes. I like the idea of having a bullet journal but, in my opinion, they’re not made for those of us that are genuinely busy! No busy person has the time to make a bullet journal work on paper and it seems counter-productive. Swipes is simple and easy and without faff! Simple type up your to-do list, then rearrange the tasks in order of priority (if you’re into that which I most certainly am), then DO IT! When you’ve done something, swipe it right. When you haven’t, swipe to the left and reschedule it for later today, tomorrow or a specific date and time. It will remind you when the time comes. I’ve been swiping tasks off in a really focused manner, doing 12 hour shifts like they’re nothing and I’m really grateful to this app!

Time Management 

hate wasting time. Whatever I’m doing, I’m thinking ‘how can I make this more efficient?’ I brush my teeth in the shower, I answer emails on my commute, I check social media when I’m waiting in a queue and I set challenges throughout the day. For example, let’s say your to-do list looks like this: laundry, ironing, cook dinner, walk the dog, schedule 50 social posts, catch up on Clique. It seems like a lot to handle but break it down and synchronise them to save time. Get the laundry on the go while you walk the dog so that it’ll be done by the time you get in. Make dinner in the oven so that you can get work done in the precious 35 minutes it takes the vegetables to roast. Catch up on Clique whilst you do the ironing. If you think there’s not enough time in the day, it’s because you’re doing one thing at a time. Double up!

Know Your Energy

I have two modes: I’m focused and determined and absolutely bossing at every task on my to-do list or I’m spending the whole day horizontal, switching between reading and napping. There is no in between. But I know this and so I schedule my time accordingly. Work when you feel productive and switched on and do more work than is necessary so that you can afford to waste time on the days you’re not so productive. Think of it like a savings bank and put away time for a rainy day!

Think of The Future

Why do you have to get this task done? Sometimes having a stern talk with yourself is enough. Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing and refocus. Ultimately, you can waste fifteen minutes procrastinating because you don’t want to do that thing on your to-do list or you can get it done within those fifteen minutes and get on with the rest of your life.


If you have any tips and tricks on staying organised then let us know!


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