‘Free From’ Breakfast Ideas

Hello there! As some of you may have read in a previous post, I am intolerant to wheat, gluten and dairy and I am on a little mission to help as many other sufferers out as possible. If you need some ideas shopping with celiac or other intolerances then see my shopping post from earlier!

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and definitely the most important! Breakfast is important because it gives you the energy required to start your day and also, especially for people with digestive issues, it is really important to kickstart your digestive system first thing in a morning and then keep that metabolism going throughout the day. These are the breakfast choices of mine, as previously stated.



As simple as it sounds, porridge is one of my favourite starts to the day because of how filling it is and the energy that it gives me.

I use: ‘Free from’ porridge oats, soya milk, a little water, chia seeds and fruit. Firstly, the chia seeds need to soak in water overnight which turns them into a gel kind of substance. Secondly, the following morning, I heat soya milk and a little water through on the hob before adding the oats and mixing them well. Stirring regularly, I cook the oats until I am satisfied with the consistency of my porridge and then I take it off the heat and add about a tablespoon of the chia seeds before mixing well and pouring into a bowl.
Porridge can be left like this or fruit can be added. I like to add a lot of fruit as demonstrated above!



Typically used in dessert, granola makes for a yummy breakfast too!

I usually buy ‘Lizi’s Granola’, ‘free from’ soya yoghurt either fruit flavoured or vanilla and then add fruit on top.

Fruit salad


If all else fails and neither take your fancy, a simple fruit salad can be just as tasty and filling. As a general rule to people with sensitive tums I would stay away from apples! But strawberries, blueberries, banana, grapes and raspberries should be good to you.


So there you have it. Three quick and easy breakfast ideas which will fill you up, give you energy and won’t be harmful to you at all!

Hannah x


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