‘Free From’ Dinners (Lactose, Wheat & Gluten free)

Hi guys!

So, as you may have been following, I have been writing a food series on eating with intolerances such as wheat, gluten and dairy. I started this series because it is something very present and important in my life right now and I felt so overwhelmed and confused about what I could eat and I really don’t want anyone else to feel like they don’t know what they’re doing and that they suddenly have to become a master chef or never eat again! I began the series with how to shop, made a post about tasty breakfasts and I am going to finish by suggesting a few things for lunches and dinners.

We’ll start off  light with a Free from sandwich.


‘FREE FROM’ BREAD EXISTS SO NOBODY PANIC. To make a sandwich, I use ‘free from’ bread from a company called ‘Genius’ and I choose the seeded bread out of preference but they do plain white or brown as well. I use dairy free sunflower spread as opposed to butter and then for fillings I typically go for Turkey and tomato but you can add any meat and salad of your choice and you should be completely fine in the tum! Short, simple and as tasty as any other sandwich!

Jacket Potato 



When you’re not eating wheat it becomes hard to get your carbohydrates sometimes so I choose jacket potatoes as a meal on a regular basis. I typically have my potato with tuna but you could easily make chilli con carne from mince/quorn, veg and a tomato sauce or chopped tomatoes. Things like cheese and butter are obviously off limits.

Chicken and vegetables


This is just what it says it is. Cook some chicken and steam some vegetables to get your protein and the vitamins and minerals that you need. It’s filling, it is quick and it is easy. Should you wish to bulk it up or wish to replace the space where you would have added chips or fries, you could always add a small jacket potato but I find this meal to be filling enough and it is also incredibly simple; minimal effort required.

Chicken and/or Vegetable Pasta


I am a big fan of pasta. Whilst I can’t have normal pasta and definitely not mac and cheese, there are wheat and gluten free pastas out there, ladies and gentlemen, and they’re not bad tasting! My biggest issue with my diet is that I cannot use any pasta sauce. Sick of plain pasta, I created this instead…

You will need: Free from pasta, chicken, vegetables, a tin of chopped tomatoes.

Put some pasta on the boil and stir occasionally

Whilst the pasta is boiling, shallow fry a chicken breast (or oven cook before if you have more time)

Using a steamer or boiling them, cook the vegetables. I typically use a frozen bag of mixed vegetables and steam them through in a microwave for about 10 minutes to have them soft

Cut the chicken into bites or strips and then drain the vegetables

Drain the pasta and then return to the saucepan along with chopped tomatoes and stir

When the sauce has heated through add the chicken and the vegetables, mix and just let simmer until everything is piping hot

Serve up, season to taste and enjoy!


I really hope that at least some of you found this useful or recommended it to a friend or relative who has intolerances. Whilst it really does suck that you can’t eat a normal pizza with your friends and have to either choose a salad or risk the pain of a meal at a restaurant, eating this way does have its perks. It’s healthier for you and makes you pause and think about the contents of your food before you put it into your body. Additionally, it keeps you super slim and bloat free!

I have two final points to make before I end the ‘free from’ post series: Firstly, when it really sucks and you’re really down and craving bad foods just know that you are not alone and I’m probably off somewhere having a bad day too but we just have to think of the health benefits. Secondly, I’m a student, I’m a young person, I don’t have time to cook anything elaborate and I, too, need some pizza occasionally so I thought I would let you know that there are vegan pizzas out there! Look around at italian menus and some restaurants do offer pizzas with free from bases and vegan lactose free cheese alternatives. I still order pizza occasionally. (If you live in London then try Basilico, super delicious and they deliver it to your door!)

If you have any meal ideas do leave a comment to help others or, alternatively, if you want a ‘free from’ chat then my email inbox welcomes you, check my ‘LINKS’ page or ‘CONTACT ME’ to get in touch!

I got you,

Hannah x


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  1. Sue
    July 27, 2014 / 7:19 am

    This is great advice! Lot of thought and effort has gone into it. Keep up the good work!

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