Freelance Life and Failed NY Resolutions

Hello lovelies, I hope you’re well. I thought I would return from a week’s break from blogging with a little update.


Freelance Life

I survived my first month of being freelance which was an exciting achievement. Typically, a person’s first month of being self-employed is a little slow and a little less financially stable but I experienced the opposite. I had secured my clients before going freelance so I was incredibly busy all month and had such a surplus of new found disposable income that I bought a new sofa!

It was a good month of hard work and I didn’t have time to question myself. I really enjoyed it. I’m having to learn to create boundaries and remember to switch off at night though. I am also trying to give myself the weekends off to gain some headspace. If I have no time off I feel drained, unhappy and can’t be creative because my brain is full of work-related business. This weekend, I spent Saturday wandering around museums with Adam, sunning ourselves in the park and then chilling out all evening and I awoke Sunday morning with plenty of blogging and other project ideas. Turn out I just need some headspace to refresh! I have a work only phone now (pictured) so I can keep my personal phone free and for enjoyment only and I have clear working hours to try to keep my job as just that!


Failed NY Resolutions

I realised that we are halfway through the year so I decided to reflect on my goals. I had two this year: to stress less and to travel more. Have I stressed less? I definitely piled on the workload and became severely stressed for the last six months and I thought it would magically subside for going freelance. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened and I’ve found myself stressed again but I have better ways to manage it now. As my own boss, I am trying to achieve a strict ‘no stress’ policy, especially since my office is my home.

The second New Year resolution was to travel more. I have utterly failed at this. Adam and I went to Paris for three days for my birthday and I worked during the trip because I had to. It was an incredible trip and I fell in love with Paris so much and we hoped to travel to plenty more places but, with my career change, everything has been put on hold. Adam is also building a very expensive computer project at the moment so our money and our time is in different places. Maybe we’ll take another trip before the year is out.


New Goals

I have replaced the outdated goals with some new ones. I still hope to stress less and I still hope to go on holiday soon but I also have more specific resolutions now I know what I, and my new circumstances, need. Firstly, I hope to achieve some me-time again, both on a weekday evening and during the weekends. Since I have so many hobbies, and want to stress less, I really do have to start prioritising this stuff. Secondly, I’d like to treat myself to something every single day, whether that be a face mask, a home manicure, a bath or literally just applying some hand lotion, I want to try to remember to take care of myself a little bit and do just one thing at a time for one peaceful moment.


Life can be overwhelming and plans change drastically but it’s okay to be flexible.


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