Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review


Hello lovelies,

I am just a tad late jumping onto the micellar water bandwagon here but I have vowed never to try and rave about a product simply because the rest of the world is. I have been waiting to try this product as I was happily using the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser- which I still 100% recommend for gently wiping away daily grime whilst simultaneously maintaining your skin’s moisture.

Recently, however, I have been running low on my trusty Liz and so, to avoid running out of cleanser entirely, I picked this up at long last. It’s a third of the price at around £3 something which is definitely more fitting to my student budget. It seems to have a lot of product in it too, it seems pretty long lasting.

I’ll start from the basics. The packaging is splendid. It clips firmly shut and doesn’t leak at all and pours out well enough. I’d trust this product enough to travel with it. I have been using the micellar water with the larger cotton pads from Boots. (Also recommend these, one side is padded and the other is more rough and they’re super cheap).

The cleanser itself doesn’t look like much- in fact it just looks like a bottle of water. It doesn’t smell of anything either so I was dubious about what exactly was supposed to do the job. It claims to have ‘cleansing agents’ which attract to dirt on the face like a ‘magnet’ to lift and remove them. Well it works. A few sweeps of a micellar soaked cotton pad and all of my make up is gone. My face make up comes away in seconds and my eye make up just requires me to hold the pad on my eyes for a moment to let them soak before wiping away.

I love it. I absolutely love it. It’s super quick and requires minimal effort. In fact, you can remove your make up from your bed- no bathroom required. This makes it a perfect product for on-the-go so if you’re travelling or just want to freshen up or maybe you’re going camping- I know festival season is coming up, this is perfect. In minutes, it leaves me feeling clean and refreshed and doesn’t aggravate my skin at all!

I have sensitive and dry skin and this product is fine so it probably is suitable for all skin types. It is cheaper than most cleansers yet just as effective as the high end products. It is readily available- I actually picked mine up in Asda so I’m sure you too can pop it in with the weekly shop! It is equally good for the face and the eyes- no irritation or stinging so you don’t need to buy a separate eye cleanser.

It ticks all the boxes and I understand why it was so raved about now. Bandwagon aside, this product is the bee’s knees and even if you’re not a budget buyer you should pick this up- I wasn’t and yet I recommend this product as highly as any of my high end cleansers!

Love, Hannah x


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