General Update: Life in Boxes and Sick Days…

Hello lovelies,

If you’ve read my last post then you’ll know that my fresher year has come to an end and I had to move out of halls and head home for a few weeks. Packing and moving has kept me busy for the last few days. I really detest packing; it takes forever, you have to play Tetris with every single belonging of yours, trying to make your entire life fit into a compact space and then you have to lug all your heavy belongings around and it’s just a lot of effort.

I somehow managed to condense my entire life into five boxes, 4 drawers and a couple baskets which I think is pretty incredible, if I do say so myself! It was really sad to leave my room behind because of all the memories I have had in there and the car journey home was long and uncomfortable. However, I am safely home, squeezed all my boxes into my room at my parent’s house and I get roughly three weeks to relax before I have to move myself and everything else back to London again.

I am looking forward to eating free food, home cooked dinners, playing with my cats, walking my dog and just having some wind down time, away from the noise and chaos of halls.

Unfortunately, I cannot enjoy it right now because on the morning of the big move out, I woke up with an awful cold. We are talking, unable to breathe, blocked up, achey body and razor throat. I have been drugged up, unable to sleep and utterly miserable. Hopefully, I only have a day or two more to put up with this before I am restored to full health again. Until then, I shall do what I can from my bed!

Hannah x


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