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Hello lovelies!

Lots of people seem to want to read more and either get into it for the first time or get back into it after a break, be it a few weeks or even years. I always get asked how I manage to read so many books so frequently and still keep up with everything else and the truth is that it is just a hobby! People make time for their hobbies all the time! I see guys play football when they have other things to be doing and a housemate who regularly binge watches shows on Netflix like the world is going to end and friends who spend an hour and a half getting to work and back each day. If you actually look at your day you’ll start to realise that there are hours and hours to do the things you love- some of these hours you are wasting!

So, here are my tips for getting into reading (again)!

Read while you travel

For Londoners, this will be easy. I’m not sure how much the other half of the country travels but when on public transport, you might as well use your time wisely and make the most out of it- you might even enjoy your journey! Pop a book into your work bag or weekend bag and just pass the time away in another world.

Turn the television off

Lots of people have the television on from the moment they come home from work to the moment they go to bed. They watch it while they eat, have it on in the background of browsing social media or just watch pointless TV shows. Unless the TV show is something you’re interested enough in to turn your phone off, turn the TV off and pick up a book instead.

Have a reading spot

This is a really good tip. Have a reading chair or a cosy spot and make an event of reading. Make a cup of tea or a snack and grab a blanket. Reading is supposed to be relaxing, a break from the world, a touch of ‘me’ time and not a chore. So make it enjoyable!

Read before bed

Most of us are the same in that we spend the half hour before bed either watching TV or scrolling through our phones and although the new iPhone update has a wonderful night time setting to prevent sleepless nights, perhaps the best option is to read! I think it is a really good trait in a person when they know how to switch off and relax. I try to go to bed at midnight and I get most of my reading done the hour before bed.

Read the right book for you

If you’re not reading by yourself and are genuinely turning to the internet for tips on getting into reading then, chances are, you are reading a book you’re not interested in. Read around or ask around and try to pinpoint where your interests are- chick lit, self-help, fantasy, fiction, non-fiction, commercial?

Download goodreads

My final, and most important, tip is to: download goodreads! Look, I’ve linked it for you and everything! Click the link and sign up or download the app on your phone and make good use of it. Take an hour to list the books you’ve already read and rate them so that goodreads can recommend books to you based on ones you’ve enjoyed. Add friends so they appear in your feed and you can see what they’re reading and the satisfactory post when they’ve finished a book should egg you on to finish yours! Leave reviews to be helpful or read reviews to make a book choice, set a reading challenge and stick to it! I have found the goodreads app to really make a difference to my reading and keep me on track. I just really enjoy the community on there and they keep me reading because I can’t log in without a book catching my eye on the main page!

I hope that at least some of these tips are useful!

Hannah x


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