Getting Cosy With Whittard’s Mulled Wine Tea


Hello lovelies,

I hope you are all enjoying your holidays, whether you celebrate Christmas or not!

In my opinion, the best thing about the festive period is the food and the drink. Oh the drink. Mulled wine is my poison at the moment. There are two problems with this: firstly, that they only stock mulled wine for one month and after that it becomes increasingly difficult to find wine suitable to heat and fruity enough to warm me up inside. The second problem is that a diet of mulled wine is rather inappropriate and so is drunkenness. So, ┬ásince I can’t be drunk on mulled wine all day through, and to solve the problem of my craving 11 months through to next Christmas, one of my Christmas presents this year has made my year.

My best friend and housemate, Sophie, discovered that mulled wine tea exists! And then she thought of me!

It tastes like mulled wine but without the sharp edge that most wines have. It is (as far as I am aware) non-alcoholic so you can drink it all day through without making a fool of yourself! It is warming and festive and fruity and sweet and quick and easy to make.

For any other mulled wine and/or tea lovers out there, keep your eyes peeled for this! I doubt it is stocked and sold throughout the year so when you stock up on mulled wine, grab a tub of this also and then it can be Christmas whenever you wish it to be!

Love Hannah x


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