Getting Out of The Slumps


Hello lovelies!

Oops! I didn’t post for a week. I had planned a kick ass week of uni work but I actually got the flu and was knocked out for a few days. Even before that I wasn’t so good, I felt down and uninspired, demotivated and lazy.

I wrote this on a very grey and windy Saturday and I’ve been laying in bed since I got out of the shower at 9am. I have read a little bit, scrolled through social media and that’s about all I have accomplished. I feel this way for a few reasons: it has been a busy week, I’m feeling under the weather in general and I gave myself the weekend off uni stuff to do creative, personal things so I’m way too relaxed.

Anyway, I decided to go and do the things that pick me up and see me back to being productive and then I thought: why not share my anti-slump tricks with you guys?! So, without further ado, here’s what I do to try to get my arse into gear!

Drink a glass of cold water

Maybe you feel this way because you’re dehydrated. It never hurts to drink a cold glass of water to refresh you, hydrate you and wake you up

Make a fruit bowl

I like watermelon the best, I just fill a breakfast bowl with fruit and take a moment to scarf down the goodness. It gives me the energy that I need to get on with my day and its good for my body in general. I find that eating junk food when in a slump can only make things worse- it is far better to get some decent nutrition.

Have a tea or a coffee

Tea is the most soothing drink to have but if you need something with a bit of a boost then have a coffee. If you’re really tired then nap for 20 minutes and the coffee should be well within your system when you wake up

Write a list

Note down everything you either have to do or want to do. For example, this weekend I want to: finish a book I’m reading, practice watercolour paint typography and read around the topic of Marxism. Now that I know and have a visual reminder of exactly what I want from my weekend off, I can decide where to start.

Jumping jacks and stretches 

The first is voluntary. The latter is not. Get the blood pumping around your body and stretch yourself out for that pleasant rush of serotonin. Again, the goal here is to wake you up and press ‘restart’ on your body to turn this day around.

Just remember

If none of the above works for you, then just remember this: some days are better than others. This is my personal little mantra, it might not seem like much to you but it gets me through every single slump day. It is a reassuring fact. Sometimes I get up early and I get loads done by lunchtime and I feel accomplished and I’m happy. Other days, I wake up tired and uninspired and I feel as though I just can’t get things done and that is equally okay. Just because I’m not getting stuff done today doesn’t mean it won’t get done on another, better, day this week. It’s not over.

And if a so-so, it’s all okay attitude doesn’t motivate you then try my golden rule: get at least half of the work done by midday or it will not get done at all!

Wishing you all of the best,

Hannah x


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