Ghost Stories – My Haunted Victorian House Update

Halloween has been and gone but ghosts don’t actually care about the veil. At least not in this house! It’s been a while since I have updated you on the spooky situation of my house. If you would like a bit of a back story, you might want to read my earlier blog here. Grab a cup of tea and maybe a protective blanket because tonight I am going to share with you more of my paranormal experiences over the past 10 months.


haunted house victorian house ghost stories


The history of the house

My house is 180 years old. It was built in early Victorian times and there are a lot of buildings that surround the house that are equally as old. To give any more information or newspaper clippings would be to reveal my address quite obviously so that’s all I can give you for now.

The house was on the rental market for three months before Adam and I came along. We knew there could be something wrong since the price of this three storey over a thousand square ft, impressive building was only a hundred a month more than our tiny one bed flat. I should also note that we are in a prestigious celeb village in London so the pricing was really off. We also weren’t sure why no one had snapped it up yet!


The start

When we moved in, as mentioned in my earlier blog, the first few weeks were a nightmare. Every night I would have the same dream and wake in a panic wanting to leave. I had never known subconscious fear quite like it. Then there was the physical experiences. Light bulbs would regularly explode out of nowhere, making that sudden loud smashing noise and plunging you into darkness. We put it down to faulty wiring and cycled our way through a LOT of new bulbs.

One day, having run quickly to get the post, I shut my animals where they were eating – in the kitchen, and ran downstairs. When I entered the flat again, something hard hit me right on the top of my head. After the initial shock,, I picked up the object that was hurled at me – a yankee candle in a glass case. It had been sitting for days on the little window sill that is set into the wall. It couldn’t have fallen because it had to be lifted up over the bannister to land a whole floor below and hit me on the head. We still have no explanation for that one.

The spare wardrobe door, in what would have been the staff dorm was also (and still is) problematic. The lock on the door is very old and worn and stiff. But somehow, though it’s hard to force open yourself, it unlatches on its own and slams open into the drawers next to it. I won’t go in that wardrobe unless I really have to.


The calm

After watching a few Youtube videos, I thought I should probably express to our housemate that I am of light and love and do not wish them any harm but I would appreciate light and love in return. Things calmed down after a few months. Light bulbs stopped exploding – which is interesting because we never had the house rewired or changed the bulbs we were buying. Doors stayed as we left them. We stopped feeling cold. There have been only a few distinct times where we have experienced anything paranormal since.


The odds and ends

There have been many little things that we have chosen to ignore during our time in this house. Things such as doors being left open or closed and being found not how we left them – which, given our thick carpet and rugs is pretty impressive as the doors don’t budge much!

We also had trouble with our wireless doorbell. It would go off all the time – to the point we were blaming neighbours and youths for ringing it – but it turns out no one was ever there. We switched it to a new one after getting too annoyed with it. We thought it might have been faulty. The day we switched doorbells, we popped the old one in the cupboard under the stairs – button and receiver. The spooky part is, we heard it ring again, even though it wasn’t plugged into any power and was just sitting in a cupboard disconnected. We’re chalking that one to imagination so that we can sleep at night!

We have also had some interesting run ins with crows. When they aren’t squawking from inside the chimney where they sometimes get stuck, you’ll find the odd one sat waiting for you at the front door, inquisitively.

We have also photographed orbs that fly around. My cats are bothered sometimes so I snap photos to investigate and a few weird orbs have turned up in them. I don’t understand much about orbs but I do know we see them frequently enough.


The scariest night 

Adam goes away on business sometimes. It doesn’t happen often and I hadn’t had a problem before but the last time he went away for three nights there was an incident. The first night went without a hitch and so did the third but the second night was terrifying. After a long and stressful day at work, I locked up the house and went to bed with a migraine around 10pm. I woke to the sound of a big SMASH! I grabbed my phone, called Adam and whispered about a potential break in through a window. I tiptoed downstairs to see the hallway mirror smashed into hundreds of sharp pieces.

I checked all the pets paws and just remember feeling really bad. I sat and cleaned the whole thing up, puzzled at how it smashed when nothing seems to have hit it and nothing surrounds it and it landed on carpet. I assumed that the cats had knocked it over whilst playing.

That night, I woke up around 3.30am. I felt the weight of somebody next to me, opened my eyes and saw someone sat, facing away from me and toward the window. I thought nothing nothing of it. Then I realised Adam was away and it couldn’t be him sat next to me. I jumped and somehow flew out of the room, though I don’t remember my feet ever touching the ground. I only remember half falling down the stairs and running into the lounge. When I returned to the bedroom (more to get my dog than anything), there was nobody on the bed.

I’ve heard that mirrors can act as portals when it comes to all things paranormal – you can look it up if you wish but I’m choosing not to know about it or I’d never sleep again.


The broken things

Before we went to Italy, we talked lots about our plans. We started packing and tidying up our house for my family to arrive to a clean home. The week before we left, things started to break. The hoover suddenly stopped working, though after a change of the fuse and an examination, there was literally nothing wrong with it. We had to replace it. Then the kettle leaked every single night – and only during the night. The sides would flood and the floor would be puddled and water was seemingly escaping from it. We replaced it. Then the Wi-Fi was down and we couldn’t work without using our data. It felt like the house was retaliating our leaving.


The radiator

When we returned, one of our radiators was broken. We could not bleed it because the valve has been broken and we could not fix it from the bottom because we do not have a hose. We had no solution and I was getting annoyed – the house was getting cold and we had no heating in the lounge. One afternoon Adam and I were staring at it, discussing what to do next when all of a sudden the thermostat flew off and up into the air. Gas hissed out and it started creaking as it filled with hot water. All of this, without either of us touching it, right in front of our eyes. We don’t know what to say about it. How it didn’t come off in all the times we tried it but seemingly flew up out of nowhere is bizarre.


The cold step and finally a name

Having seemingly made up with us and fixed at least one of the things that were broken in the house, the only other sense of someone there was a particular step on the stairs where Adam and I suddenly feel cold to our bones. It is only one step of the second lot of stairs. I have also had a dream in which something from the wardrobe was whispering a name. I can write it but I will not say it aloud in case it gives any sort of acknowledgement or power. Julian. That was a few weeks ago now and I haven’t had anything since then. A quick history search of the property has revealed a few Julians being previous residents. I don’t know what that means.


My hypothesis

We think our otherworldly friend doesn’t like change. All instances seem to surround one of us or both of us leaving or, of course, the fact that we were new to the property. When we go away, things happen. But he’ll have to get used to it because we are currently in the swing of packing and moving again. Here’s hoping nothing too spooky happens!





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