Going Home


Hello lovelies,

I went home last weekend for my mother’s birthday and, to tell you the truth, I hadn’t been home since Boxing Day and I just really missed home. I find that, because I see my family a decent amount when they visit London anyway, I find myself missing things like the actual house and home and cats and just being there. It’s always lovely when my family come to visit but sometimes you just need to touch base and actually be at home with familiar surroundings and purring pets.

I didn’t do a lot but I find that that’s the beauty of going home. When I’m in London I am always doing something and rushing to tick things off my list so when I go home I like that people take care of me and I get to focus on just spending time with people and eating well and being relaxed and happy rather than running around like a headless chicken with no time for myself or anyone else.

We had a meal out and then a chilled evening of television by the fire and I mostly just played with my pets and then we all went to bed because everyone was tired. Before bed I pampered myself a little bit with Kiehl’s treats (which I will do a post on soon) and then just got a good night’s sleep.

The next day we celebrated my mum’s birthday with a cooked breakfast, some family visits and then we drove out into the countryside and strolled a craft fair and drank hot chocolate and looked at vintage furniture, paintings and art stuff. Then we went home for tea and cake, chilled all afternoon and then went out in the evening for some delicious indian food.

I also got to see my grandparents which is special to me because they don’t visit London and I don’t go home much so I miss them like crazy sometimes and always feel really left out when my family do stuff together and I can’t be with them. We didn’t tell my nan I was coming home so it was sweet to see her reaction when I just strolled into the lounge after her thinking for an entire hour that I wasn’t in the house!

Anyway, when I got back to London I had a lot of articles to write for work and reading for uni so I haven’t had time to write or schedule my usual posts so I thought I would pop on some pictures and let this be a casual update of my weekend. Needless to say, I intend on going home a lot more than I have been because it really is a lovely soothing break…and I really miss my cats. (What? You thought they weren’t getting a mention?)

I hope you’re all having a lovely week!

Hannah x


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