Greenery in The Home


Hello lovelies,

Adam and I have lived in our new home for over a month now! We’ve very slowly added a few more pieces here and there but what was important to the both of us was greenery!

Living in the city means living in a concrete jungle, surrounded by grey and glass and though London is beautiful, it is also polluted so bringing plants inside when you live in any city is a great idea.

Unfortunately, one of our two cats eats every plant she meets so we can’t actually have real plants. I did a bit of research to try to find cat friendly plants and it turns out that there are only around ten…

Anyway, after some hunting and some open-mindedness, I ordered some different types. The greenery in my house is in NO way done, this is just the top of the iceberg because I would like to see green wherever I look. Books and plants are our thing. But this is the start we have made…

(Excuse the poor lighting in all of these photos, our flat is the hub of sunshine and it’s quite yellow lighting!!)


Bamboo tree

This 4ft something tree is bigger than expected and wider than I expected but sits snugly in the spot between my beanbag chair and the little table. The green breaks up the black and I love it for that. It’s not as pretty as the one I saw in IKEA but looks pretty good for the bargain price we got it for! I am hoping to purchase the IKEA one as soon as possible for the office area.


Cheese plant

Sitting on the side table in our bedroom, this cheese plant is just big enough to be substantial enough to break up the white but not big enough to be overwhelming. I am going to bring a lot more greenery into the bedroom since it is empty at the moment with a bed, the clothes and a rug.


Tiny plant

I have two of these, both from IKEA and super duper cheap. One sits here, on our drawers in and around our frames and the other sits not the coffee table on a gold tray. They’re really soft to touch, not that that’s something you look for in a plant but it does keep the cats away. I am so pleasantly surprised by these IKEA plants!


Trailing Ivy

This was one of the first things I bought when it came to greenery because it was one a few pounds. I planted it under the stones in the terrarium. If you were wondering why the terrarium was empty enough to plant something, that’s because Tilly ate the succulents out of it! My favourite thing about this one is the fact that it is long enough to trail over the knick knacks we have placed in the unit. In fact, I think I would like to build the ivy up over time and get some on top of kitchen units and all sorts.


Spiky plant

It has a real name but I can’t remember what it is. This lives on our table just after the hallway where we put our keys, except I don’t because I’m always losing them. I need to see greenery as soon as I come into the flat so I love the placement of this one. I also put the prettiest rug in our hallway for that satisfying moment at the end of a long day when the shoes come off and you relish the softness underfoot and breathe a sigh of relief and home pride.



One of few succulent plants that are not harmful to cat friends! Adam and I bought these from Pop Brixton (which is amazing by the way) and they’re so pretty, I love them! They have survived so far and have managed to be welcomed into the home unnoticed by the girls so perhaps they won’t be eaten!



Though they might not live long after British summertime, they are beautiful right now and I can never resist a splash of yellow in the home! They need little care, to be honest, they just want sunshine and a little water though they are very drought resistant.


Tomato Plant

I want to start growing what I eat on a regular basis and when we saw this tomato plant outside a local florist I just could not leave it there. It’s so pretty and tall and I don’t know how much bigger it is going to get but the tomatoes themselves are happy, they want a little water every day and they survive somehow. They taste very sweet!



The first harvest is never any good. There are a few strawberries on my plant right now but not many and I think I might have to take them off to save the plant’s energy to be honest. I have a lot more strawberries in a big barrel right now which I am going to water and keep warm all winter so that next spring I will have so many strawberries to eat over summer!



I love blueberries so much and since I spent a fiver a week on them every single week, I figured it was time I began to grow my own. The plant is soaking up water right now and might not grow fruit this year at all but blueberry plants turn a beautiful autumnal colour over the colder months so I don’t mind one bit because it’ll still be worth it!

Let your house flourish with greenery! It’s good on the eyes and good for the soul!

All my love,

H x


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