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Hello lovelies,

It has been a long time since I’ve made a beauty-type post and I feel like this has been an even longer time coming! So, if you didn’t know already, I have super fine and flat hair which I’ve been in a somewhat unsteady relationship with. There was a period in high school where I made an effort with it, buying and trying various products and then I stopped bothering with it in sixth form, made some sort of effort again in my fresher year and then abandoned again until recently! My only excuse is my laziness and lack of spondulies.

ANYWAY, I recently decided I should probably go for a look that’s less freaky girl from the ring and more like a grown ass woman that knows what she’s doing. (Let’s play pretend). And it’s kind of working out! So if you have fine, flat hair and are on the look out for some new products then carry on and delve into my haircare routine right now and if not then browse the homepage and see if something else peaks your interest!


First thing is first: washing my hair! My shower routine at the moment is SO long (I have to leave shampoo on for a dry scalp because winter is mean to me). Once my hair has had its treatment and that’s all rinsed out I apply John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Shampoo. It lathers so  much and feels and smells divine. I rub this in all over and slowly work from the roots to the tips and then rinse it all off. I follow that with the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Conditioner which I immediately apply to the lengths of my hair before using the excess on the roots. I leave this on for about five minutes or however long it takes me to wash my body and shave etc.

My first impressions of these John Frieda products are pretty good. The shampoo is amazing and feels really luxurious and I do feel as though it works because my hair is definitely thicker than it was before. The conditioner doesn’t really nourish or soften my hair as much as other conditioners I like (Aussie and Coconut Oil) but I’m trying to actually stick to follow up products and finish what I started so…


Once rinsed, I pop my hair in a towel for long enough to pat myself dry, get dressed and moisturise my face. Then I gently towel dry my hair, taking extra time to soak the dripping ends until they don’t drown me anymore. Then I take the Argon Oil and Shea Butter serum, one pump will do, rub it between my fingers, separate my hair into two sections and work this in starting from the ends of the hair working upwards. I run my tangle teaser through my hair just after before splitting it into sections again for the next product. This oil serum is where the ends of my hair are really benefitting from a nourishing treatment which makes up for the conditioner. My hair isn’t in bad condition and it rarely splits but the ends do need a smooth over.

The next product I’ve been using follows the John Frieda volume range and its the Fine to Full Blow Out Styling Spray. I got this for free and decided to try it out. I spritz it on the under sides of the sections at the crown of my head and run my fingers through my hair before blowdrying. It smells good, it is just sticky enough to work but not unbearably so. It seems to work which is good because hanging your head upside down for so long without reason to sucks but it doesn’t really hold.


If you want products that hold volume and style for days then I recommend mousse over blow-dry treatment sprays. I use the V05 Extra Body Styling Mousse initially just because I could buy it at Tesco with my weekly shop but now because I actually know it really works! I pump a dollop into my hand, work it into my fingers to break it up a bit and apply it to the roots at the top, crown and side and then brush it through everywhere before blowdrying and this works better than my blow dry spray when it comes to lifting roots up for volume and holding in the texture that I add in later. I personally don’t like the smell of this product but the packaging and the functionality and general long-term wear makes it worth buying still.

If we move from genuine thickening products to products that I use on a daily basis to try to maintain that newly blow dried volume then I can introduce you guys to the rest of the products.

If you have fine flat hair but wear it long, there’s only so much you can do for the roots of your hair given that they’ll always be weighed down somewhat. So, what I like to do is draw the attention from the flat roots to the thick ends by adding texture to my hair. Once my hair is dried, I just grab my hair straighteners and take 5 minutes to work around my head at the ends and just put casual curls in my hair. I leave them to sit pretty while they’re hot and only ruffle my fingers through them when they’re cold again because it sets better this way.


Then I take the Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray – well that was a mouthful!- and spray all over the curls with a little scrunch and hold action just to get the curls to hold and the sea salt gives it texture if you gently rub at the curls to separate and define and tousle up the look so they look less fixed and more natural. This product, whether intentional or not, also gives my hair enough hold that the curls stay for a second day perfectly and then, if I really need to wear them on day three, they’re loose waves but still just as gorgeous and add way more volume to my otherwise lifeless hair. Plus, this product smells incredible (tried and tested on Shannon Saunders when she told me how good my hair smelled in a bar in Camden, so c’mon, can’t fault it can you?)

Speaking of not washing my hair, I went on the hunt recently for a dry shampoo that didn’t make me look like I had a skin condition (looking at you Batiste) so I spent a little bit more money and bought the Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Cheat Volumising Dry Shampoo. It smells good, it works well, apply it as you would any other dry shampoo and it takes less rubbing in than normal, is barely noticeable and, more importantly, it does something amazing to my roots…VOLUME, ladies, get those locks properly shuzzed up! This is just so much better than cheap dry shampoos and is still so affordable and allows me to get volume even without a blow dry which was unheard of for me before I found this. I’m not one to preach to wash your hair every day because it dries it out but I often wash my hair on the daily just so I can blow dry some volume into it but this product has lessened the necessity of a hairdryer and allows us fine hair gals to sleep in that bit longer like the girls blessed with thick hair!

So that’s how I’m breathing life into my dead hair at the moment. I rarely speak about haircare because I’m awful at hairstyling and hadn’t found anything magical or life-changing until now but I feel like I’ve suddenly struck gold with plenty of products lately and it felt like enough to make a post so I really hope that anyone with fine hair finds this helpful and if you have better products than those mentioned or any home miracles then please do let us all know! Forever grateful for product suggestions and recommendations!

Keep working on it!

Hannah x


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