Halloween 2015, 2014, 2013 ; A Photo Album


Hello lovelies!

I’ve been flicking through the photos from this year’s Halloween night and, despite some better photographs, I’m not sure my housemates and friends would want to be featured on the blog so I settled with someone who doesn’t mind!

Halloween was good this year, though not as fun as last year as people were less willing to participate.

For the last three years, my housemates and I have celebrated Halloween at the university event ‘Bop’- which is basically a school disco but far shitter and with stickier floors, dirtier loos and a strong smell of shame. The first Halloween Bop was so much fun. We were instructed to make ourselves terrifying; I went as a Geisha doll who was bloody and possessed. It was really eery looking. The second year was more fun; we sat around to practice face paint a few nights before eating camembert cheese and drinking wine. I was actually in Dublin that year and it was so so good and I miss it so much so I am definitely flying back there really soon! But my plane touched down in London town again just before the Halloween festivities began so I got home and rushed my face paint- I was Jigsaw and it was perfectly terrifying!

This year, I was, as you can tell, a scarecrow. I was initially going to be a cat and I will put all of the relevant photos below but yeah, it was too difficult basically!!

Also, on the first year’s Halloween Bop was when Adam and I sorted our acts out and got together. It was really funny and a story I might tell some other time but, anyway, it was wonderful so we have returned for a second and a third year to celebrate our anniversaries there.

Also, this year was fabulous because I beat the boys at beer pong. Four times in a row. *Bows*

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I hope you, too, had a good Halloween!

Hannah x


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