Happy Halloween!


Hello lovelies,


October and Halloween are my favourite times of the year for many reasons. October is a month filled with gentle realisations and acclimatisations to the colder weather, preparing you for winter. I dress up in black tights and green skirts and ugly jumpers over pretty collared blouses and dresses. Autumn fashion is my favourite and pulling my fave pieces out of the wardrobe always puts me in a good mood.

I love to dress up and paint my face and scare people at the local Halloween Bop! I love watching peoples expressions change from horror to realisation as they look deeper and discover me underneath all that blood and paint. It’s so much fun and I adore it.

I love candles dimly lighting every room and pumpkins with funny faces and all things orange- it’s one of my favourite colours.

October is also a month of love with me, I end the month with my favourite holiday celebration of paint and dress up and spooky stories with my favourite people and at midnight on the 31st, when the ghosts and spirits return to their realm and we drunkenly kiss goodbye to October, it will mark my two year anniversary with my boyfriend!

Here is wishing you a very happy and very spooky Halloween!

Hannah x


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