Happy Valentine’s Day! Meet My Valentine (Tag)


Hello lovelies!

Happy Valentine’s Day! It occurred to me that not a lot of you have been introduced to my valentine, so I thought that this would be a different post to the ones I usually write but a bit of fun nonetheless.

So, without further ado, meet my boyfriend, Adam!

Adam and I have been together for two and a bit years now, we live together in our student house and have done for three years. He’s my best friend, he’s the most genuine and kindhearted person I know. He’s funny, he’s smart, he’s playful, not to mention handsome! And he has agreed to take part in this post by answering the questions to the relationship tag! I’ll hand you over into his capable hands so that he can answer the questions and then I’ll see how he did!

  1. Where did you meet? – University halls, day 1, she was my neighbour, i was a nervous wreck.
  2. What was your first date? – Other than seemingly hundreds of trips to the cinema, shops and activities, NYE was our first real date, and it was romantic as all hell.
  3. Where was your first kiss? – On a night out, i was wearing a dress, and she was a porcelain doll.
  4. When did you know you wanted to be together? – We clicked from the beginning, it took a few months but eventually we were ready to start a real relationship.
  5. What was your first impression? – “She’s funny.”
  6. When did you meet the family? – Day 1, they helped her move in, our families met the same day we did.
  7. What are your traditions? – Sunday trips to richmond park for breakfast, rent a movie and eat a pizza every other week, begrudgingly trek to the supermarket when we’re out of money for take-away.
  8. What was your first trip together? – Abroad? Dublin. We rode trams and drank a lot, what the hell is a leap card?
  9. Who said I love you first? – Me.
  10. What do you argue about the most? – Other people not doing their chores and taking it out on each other.
  11. Who wears the pants? – She does. But I’m in charge of the TV.
  12. What’s her favourite TV programme? – Gossip girl. She’s planning on a restart from season 1 for the third (maybe fourth) time now.
  13. What’s a food she doesn’t like? – Seafood mostly.
  14. What does she order to drink? – She’s adventurous with cocktails when we’re out but loves a good old fashioned Malibou / Vodka Coke.
  15. What size shoe is she? – 3? 4? She’s always returning shoes because they don’t fit so I’m not even convinced she knows.
  16. What does she order to eat? – Chicken Katsu Curry / Cashew nut something or other / Prawn crackers / Chorizo Pizza / CARBONARA (Also the title of her first autobiography.)
  17. What is something she does that you like? – Goes out of her way to take care of me when I’m ill and putting up with my dancing in the kitchen.
  18. What is something she does that you don’t like? – Total pessimist. She’s often always right though.
  19. What is one unique thing about her? – Her unrelenting energy to be productive, creative and proactive when everyone else is glued to the sofa.
  20. What can she spend hours doing? – Writing, reading, shopping, interior designing, learning and catching up on the intricate lives of what I imagine is up to around four-hundred YouTubers.

He did pretty good! I’ve had a little giggle at all of his answers! I feel like number 3 should be explained! It was Halloween night 2013! We don’t fancy dress for no reason!!

I don’t think there’s much else to say, obviously if there are questions we can Q and A sometime but I thought this would be a sweet introduction as he is an important part of my life and someone I’ve chosen to make a home with!

Have a romantic day!
Love Hannah

(and Adam xoxo)



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